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Wet n Wild Brush Review

Affordable & Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes!

Wow guys, it has been forever since I've written a blog review & I've missed it SO much. What better way to start back up than with a Brush review? And cute, affordable ones at that!
Wet n Wild is a super affordable, drugstore brand with amazing quality products at a good price. Some of you may of heard of their popular highlighters circling social media a few months back, that's just one of the great products they have to offer.
Today I'm reviewing their two-toned, cruelty free makeup brushes! Soft & amazing for the price. These babies are so hard to find & I think they still sell out quickly so check out for the entire collection, that's where I ordered mine & they're always in stock!

I've used each brush a few times to see how well they work with different products & washed them to see how sturdy they are. They're super soft on the skin, blend products well & they don't shed hair! Some of them are a little sparse & don't have enough hairs to apply certain products efficiently, like the flat top foundation brush sort of soaks up more product then it blends on the face.. And the eye crease brush picks up very little product & takes a lot of building up for colour pay off.

I love the design, the quality white handles & aluminium ferrules, pink/white ombre bristles & the placement for your thumb on the handle is a nice touch.

Face Brushes

Powder Brush - $2.99USD
This is a nice, dense powder brush but not too dense where it will affect any product already on the face. It softly blends powder products for a smooth finish but because it's not as dense as other powder brushes, you won't get as much of the extra coverage from powder foundations.

Blush Brush - $2.99USD
This is the perfect brush for picking up a little more blush than say a duo-fibre brush. You will get more colour pay off from your blushes with this brush but it's soft enough to prevent clown cheeks!

Contour Brush - $1.50USD
This brush has the same density of bristles as the blush brush, but is an angled brush with shorter bristles picking up a little more product but blending out softly & not too intense creating a carved contoured cheek. I've been loving this brush with my NYX Highlight & Contour pro palette!

Large Stipple Brush - $2.99USD
Perfect for applying those super pigmented blushes! The duo-fibre bristles pick up just enough product & blend out effortlessly on the cheek creating a smooth, natural flush. You can see the shorter pink hairs & the longer white hairs at the top. I personally prefer these brushes for applying blushes & this one is my new fave! Wet N Wild also have a small stipple brush available, I'm not sure how much smaller but would probably be perfect for applying highlight or contour. 

Flat Top Brush - $2.99USD
This brush is designed for applying & buffing in foundation. I personally think it's not dense enough to create a even, full coverage with foundation, it soaks up too much product & doesn't really buff or move the product & you need to basically drown your skin & the brush in foundation to stop it soaking up & wasting product -.-

Fan Brush - $2.99USD
Used for applying highlight to the high points of your cheeks & brows, but this brush is too stiff & plastic feeling to apply a smooth layer of highlight.. I think it needs to be a little bigger maybe?

Eye Brushes

Crease Brush - $1.50USD
Like I said above, it's quite sparse & doesn't pick a lot of product up. But I guess that could be a good thing when it comes to slowly building colour & transition shades. I don't reach for this brush very often..

Large Eyeshadow Brush - $1.50USD
I like this brush for applying base shadows to the lid or blending & defining the crease more. The length of bristles & density is perfect for picking up more product & keeping the depth of a shadow. It's also good to use with cream base products.

Small Eyeshadow Brush - $1.50USD
This a good flat shader brush for applying eye colours to the lids, like Colourpop super shock shadows. But the bristles are quite short, making it a little stiff feeling with not a lot of movement so I often use this brush for sharpening eyeliner or defining brows with concealer.

Smokey Liner Brush - $1.50USD
Short, dense bristles perfect for smoking out liners or shadows into the lashline. I also like to use this one with concealer for eyeliner or brows but I find the end isn't as tapered as the small eye brush so it doesn't create a super defined line.. Much better for it's intended use

Angled Liner Brush - $1.50USD
This brush is quite dense for a liner brush & like the one above, the bristle tips won't create that sharp line we all want with our liner, so I use this for filling my brows instead :)

Bent Liner Brush - $1.50USD
Designed for applying eyeliner easily with the bent ferrule & pencil like tip. I used this with a few different liquid lipsticks I wanted to use as eyeliners & I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use! It's good for creative liner but using a black gel liner, it's harder to get a sharp line with. I guess because liquid lipsticks have a runnier consistency they're easier to apply & make the tip sharp, but gel liner have the thicker, gel consistency obviously..

I think these brushes are totally worth buying! They're unbelievably affordable & would be perfect for someone just starting to use makeup. The prices of them will vary depending on where you find them, I think the eye brushes are all $0.99 on WetnWild,com
I wouldn't recommend the Flat Top brush personally, but it's so cheap it's worth giving it a shot & seeing if it works for you! There are a few other brushes in this collection I haven't got like concealer brushes & the new kabuki, but I feel these all do what I want them to do without needing those. 

- Lucy Maria xx

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Christmas in New York with Too Faced - part two

Holiday Collection Swatches!

Part TWO of the Too Faced Christmas In New York Collection. This post is all about the swatches! To read part one for details & first impressions, check here - Part ONE

Chocolate scented, cocoa-infused powders housed in lavish pink packaging all for $58USD

18 Eyeshadows, 3 Larger Highlighting Eyeshadows, 1 Highlight, 1 Blush, 1 Bronzer
Mini sized Better Than Sex Mascara, Melted Chocolate Milkshake & Shadow Insurance

Desert's On Me - Frosty White, Satin Sheen Finish perfect for highlighting (Larger pan)
Indulge - Metallic Champagne, pigmented & has some chunky glitters
Cookie Dough - Matte Light Brown base with Gold glitters. Crap pigment, only glitters show really..
Raspberry Rose - Light Baby Pink with a Matte Finish. Soo smooth & pigmented! Love 
Sugared Raisin - Metallic Icy Pink with Silver glitters. Like "Indulge" this is kinda chunky.
Guilt Free - Matte Pale Lilac Grey, perfect for a cool toned crease. Smooth & pigmented
Tootsie - Matte Deep Chocolate Brown. This shadow feels quite dry & swatches super patchy..
Glaze - Matte Off-White. Another good highlighting shade, if you can get it to show up (Larger pan)
Gingerdoodle - Metallic Pale Gold, nicely pigmented & smooth
Chocaholic - Matte Light Brown Taupe. CRAP pigment, had to scrape it to get a good swatch :/
Cake Batter - Matte Light Peachy Brown. Beautiful pigment & so smooth, perfect for the crease.
Butterscotch - Metallic Copper Bronze. A Smooth & pigmented metallic.
Toffee Crunch - Matte Mid-tone Coffee Brown. Like "Tootsie" this shade is quite dry & was hard to get a smooth swatch..
Lava Cake - Blackened Brown base with Pink & Gold glitters. Soft but took a few swipes to get good pigment..
Banana Date - Matte Light Yellowish Cream. A nice pigmented base shadow (Larger pan)
Honey Dip - Metallic True Gold. Smooth & super pigmented
Pound Cake - Metallic Pink Duo-Chrome with Gold shift. My Fave!
Sugar Bells - Metallic Icy Blue Silver. Beautiful pigmentation
Mint Chip - Metallic Deep Teal Blue. Stunning, smooth & pigmented
Jingle Berry - Fuchsia Purple with a Satin Sheen Finish, not a lot of pigment & took a few swipes to build up..
Huckleberry - Matte Blackened Violet with Pink & Purple glitters. Like "Tootsie" & "Toffee Crunch" it feels dry & doesn't swatch well.

Inner Light Highlighter - Stunning Pinky Golden exclusive Highlighter 

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - The Best-selling Chocolate Bronzer is a medium, warm brown shade

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Blush - Super pigmented, muted bright Pink with a satin sheen finish

Plus a Mini Melted Chocolate Milkshake Lipstick 

A warm, Peachy Brown Nude
This lipstick smells AMAZING! Just like a caramel chocolate milkshake. Be careful not to eat it haha!

This set is better than last years big set (Le Grande Palais) but there are a few shadows that just aren't good, like "Cookie Dough", "Tootsie" & "Chocaholic" with little to no pigment. Or "Indulge", "Sugared Raisin" & "Jingle Berry" that, once the glitter has flaked off, there's not much colour left. But then there are some amazing shades too like "Cake Batter", "Raspberry Rose", "Guilt Free" & "Banana Date", all super smooth, pigmented matte shades. I feel like I might open this palette everyday just for "Cake Batter"! Or the metallics like "Pound Cake", "Honey Dip", "Butterscotch" & "Mint Chip" that actually show up! But I honestly feel like, if you have any other Too Faced holiday palettes, you'll have these shades. It's just nice to see the shadows improving every year & the packaging stays amazing!

Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog Latte & Gingerbread Cookie scented palettes, in a little hotel shaped box for $49USD

3 Scented Palettes with a total of -
18 Eyeshadows, 2 Blushes, 1 Bronzer
Mini Better Than Sex Mascara
Eggnog Latte
Frosty Nog - Matte Creamy White. So pigmented for a White shadow
Eggnog Latte - Shimmer Pale Champagne Gold
Iced Coffee - Metallic Bronzed Brown. Smooth & pigmented
Skinny Latte - Matte mid-tone Taupe Brown. Feels smooth but swatches a little patchy..
Cold Brew - Matte Brown base with Gold & Silver chunky glitters. Not as pigmented as what you see in pan
Central Perk - Metallic Deep Forest Green. Stunning & so pigmented! Perfect for Xmas looks
Peach Cobbler Blush - A Matte Peachy Pink Blush. Universally flattering & pairs perfectly with every look.
Peppermint Mocha
Peppermint Cream - Matte White. Another super pigmented White
Christmas Blend - Shimmer Sheer Champagne with Gold glitters. 
Peppermint Mocha - Shimmery Reddish Plum with Golden glitters
Candy Cane - Matte Light Baby Pink. Smooth but swatched a little patchy..
Sprinkles - Metallic Hot Pink with Pink & Purple glitters
Coffee Chip - Metallic Deep Brown with Red & Gold glitters. 
Santa Baby Blush - A Satin Finish Warm Bright Pink 

Gingerbread Cookie
Ginger Cream - Matte Pale Beige White. Yet another smooth, pigmented base shadow.
Maple Syrup - Matte Mid-tone cool Coffee Brown. Pigmented but a little dry so work slowly building it up
Gingersnap - Metallic Bright Gold. So smooth & pigmented, it's like a foiled shadow
Winter Dream - Sheer Shimmer, almost transparent base with tonnes of Silver, Pink & Lilac glitters
Cup Of Joe - Matte Blackened Coffee Brown with fine Gold glitters. 
Black Coffee - Matte Black. A little disappointing, patchy & not very pigmented :/ 
Gingerbread - Light Warm Brown Bronzer with a Satin sheen

I love this set! I think they really improved the shadows in this set compared to last years, (Le Grande Chateau) not that it was bad, but this set is just better! The white matte shades are so creamy, the metallics are so pigmented. There's a couple of misses like "Cold Brew", "Christmas Blend", "Coffee Chip" & "Winter Dream" which all have flaky glitter & not much pigment underneath or "Black Coffee" the matte black shade, is very dry & patchy. But shades like "Eggnog Latte", "Central Perk", "Sprinkles" & "Gingersnap" are super pigmented & consistently smooth in texture. "Gingersnap" is amazing! Once again, if you have any of the other Too Faced holiday or chocolate palettes, you'll have shades like this! The Christmas themed scents are a bit off-putting, they smell more like play-doh or cardboard..

Three gifts in one, these mini sets are perfect for Christmas Stocking Stuffers, all for $36USD

3 Mini Love Flush Blushes
3 Mini Lip Injection Glosses
Lip Injection Gloss - Clear
Crazy In Love Blush - Hot Pink Blush with Golden shimmer

Milkshake Lip Injection Gloss - Sheer Peachy Nude
Baby Love Blush - Neutral Peachy Pink Blush with subtle Sheen

Like A Boss Lip Injection Gloss - Sheer Purple
Dream Lover Blush - Pale Lavender Blush with a Matte/Satin finish

The Lip Injection glosses definitely work! After swatching them, I had 3 red, puffy stripes on my forearm haha. Your lips hurt a little bit at first, like an intense tingling, but goes away after something is applied over it. That's how I like to use them, apply first, let your lips plump up, then wipe off & apply desired colour! Maybe add more on top for added effect. And I love the Love Flush Blushes, they're nicely pigmented, blend in smoothly & have a great range of colours, plus the cutest packaging! I love getting the mini sized ones to try new colours & keep in my handbag. 

And I totally forgot to swatch the Let It Glow set, I'll be sure to do that & add the photos to this post.
But just so you know now, I highly recommend the set for a Christmas gift or if you love Too Faced minis! The little heart shaped brush is too cute & you also get a mini Love Flush Blush in "Love Hangover", mini Snow Bunny Bronzer & mini Candlelight Glow highlighter! All for $25usd
Now let's be real, these are travel sized minis! They're not going to be huge products, you get your moneys worth with this set. I saw a few reviews on the site say they were disappointed with the size, but what were they expecting I wonder? $25 for 3 full sized products? I don't think so haha 

All of these products are available at Sephora or Mecca Maxima (except the Chocolate Shop)

If you want to see Part one of this review, check HERE

LucyLoves! xx

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection Haul

Review & Swatches

OH YES! When I heard this collection was coming out, I knew I'd have to make a purchase. I've always been a fan of Hello Kitty & I love Colourpop so this collab was super exciting to see.
With the red, white & blue theme, it works in well with everything happening in the US at the moment, very patriotic! I would like to of seen different coloured product packaging as appose to the usual white, but the lip products do have cute bows etched into the lids for something different. 
This collection is of course, limited edition, like everything these days.. And Colourpop always have new products & collections coming out so I'm not sure how long these will be around, get in quick to get your hands on some cute Hello Kitty prods! 
I jumped on the Colourpop Cosmetics website the day of the release & I couldn't help myself, with all the excitement I bought nearly everything from the collection!

The Hello Pretty Kit

Bento Shadow
Sticker Sheet Shadow
Juicy Apple Shadow
Fun With Friends Blush
Yummy Cookies Highlighter
Ribbon Ultra Matte
KT Shimmer Lipgloss

All for $42USD packaged in a cute box with a mirror inside

Bento Box shadow - Pearlized finish Smokey Blue Gunmetal
Sticker Sheet shadow - Satin finish Cool-toned Taupe
Juicy Apple shadow - Glitter Sheer finish soft Gold topped with Gold Glitter
Fun With Friends blush - Pearlized finish Mid-tone Warm Pink
Yummy Cookies highlighter - Pearlized finish Light Peach with a flip of Silver
KT lipgloss - Sheer Light Gold sprinkled with Pink & Gold Glitter
Ribbon liquid lipstick - Ultra Matte true Blue based Red

Mama's Apple Pie Shadow Set

4 shimmery super shock shadows in
Friendship File
Small Gift
School Bus

All for $18USD 

Rainbow shadow - Glitter Sheer White with highlights of Silver & Pink Glitter

Friendship File shadow - Metallic finish warm Peachy Beige with Silver & Pink Glitter

Small Gift shadow - Pearlized finish mid-tone Peachy Pink

School Bus shadow - Pearlized finish Deep Navy Blue

Hello Kitty Collection Singles

I also picked up a couple of the single products, there's more than this too!

Tiny Chum Ultra Satin Lip
Supercute Ultra Glossy Lip
Coin Purse Blush
School Is Fun Highlighter

Lip Products are $6 each
Face Products are $8 each

School Is Fun highlighter - Pearlized finish Soft  Iridescent Duo-Chrome Gold

Coin Purse blush - Satin finish Bright Cool-toned Rosy Pink (the site says it's matte, but it's definitely not!)

Supercute lipgloss - Sheer finish Warm Pink doused with Pink Glitter

Tiny Chum liquid lipstick - Satin finish Cool-tone Nude Pink

Overall, I LOVE this collection! Everything from the shade choices to the packaging is on point. The prices are honestly insane, so affordable for great products. I've said this before about Colourpop, I love everything I've tried from the brand so far, except the Matte shadows.. I just don't find they blend very easily in the crease & take a lot of work buffing. Good thing is, there aren't any mattes in this collection.. But I love the shimmers (used with fingers mostly) & the Glitter Sheers formula is new - its a very sheer, almost transparent base packed with glitters, perfect to add shimmer on top of other shades. I love the face products as well, Highlighters are best used lightly with your fingertips & blushes works well with a brush (I like a duo-fibre). Their liquid lipsticks are hit & miss I find, some are amazing, flawless & long-lasting, some are super drying & crumble off..

This collection would make great Christmas stocking stuffers for any Hello Kitty or Colourpop lover!
Available at

LucyLoves! xx