Monday, 5 May 2014


Shopping website won't ship Internationally? Try this...

I have tried many times to order things from American websites, only to find at the checkout, they don't ship out of the USA! Grr it got very frustrating..
Until I heard of these forwarding services, Shipito being one of them, that will help get my stuff to me!

So how works is, you first sign up for an account which is now only $5 USD to activate!
That secures your account & an American address to enter at the checkout.
The key to it, your "Suite #00000" is what Shipito needs to send your box to you..
For example; I made an order on Sephora for some things I've wanting for a while, once they ask for my address at the end of the process, I enter my Name & the address Shipito gave me.
Once Sephora sent my package, I then enter the Tracking number in the "Individual Packages" Section of my Shipito Account & filled out the Customs form correctly. 
Once my precious package arrived to their warehouse in Nevada, I received an email telling me to update my delivery options, top my account up with money & they could send..
Little did I know, a Perfume sample could not be sent unless I chose a much more expensive shipping option..I made a "Special Request" to remove this, that cost me $5 USD!
But once that request was completed, another email came through...
"Sorry, Package-A containing Alcohol/Liquid cannot be sent, please change your shipping option"
A 0.05oz sample of a Make up Primer!
Another request, another $5 USD...Had to be done cause at this point, 
I just wanted my stuff!!
Finally! After a few days of back & forth emails, $40 NZD for Fast Shipping & waiting a week, my things got here!!
I am soo happy with my products, I have almost forgotten the trouble to get them!
- smashbox Masterclass 2 Palette AMAZING!! $59 USD
- Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer LOVE! $30 USD
- Urban Decay Seven Days of Shadow Sample, Great Quality!! 
The smashbox Palette packaging came broken but I had read that in the reviews it breaks easy, it wasn't any of the powders! So I don't mind much!
All in all, it was absolutely worth it to get my lil beautys to me
I will do it again! Just Maybe not too soon..Can get expensive ;)

LucyLoves! xx


  1. Hey Lucy! Just wondering if you remember roughly how long it took for the order (after you placed it) to get from Sephora to the Shipito warehouse? Thanks xx

    1. Oh gosh not long at all! Maybe three days ;)