Monday, 14 December 2015

Kent&co. Nourishing Cleansing Oil Review

Handmade, Natural & Made in NZ!

About two months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Isha & Bonné, 
the brains & beauties behind this amazing new, all-natural product!
Kent&co. Nourishing Cleansing Oil
Now I'm by no means a skincare expert, but I have noticed oil cleansers popping up 
everywhere lately as the best new makeup remover & everyday cleanser for all skin types!
I was lucky enough to pick the minds of these girls & hear all about the process &
 what got them started, the hiccups along the way & the final product - which I was lucky to 
receive in the mail a few weeks later to try out!
I love the rustic style of their packaging, in a cardboard box with brown paper wrapping 
& a rope string bow! Unique & simple but also cost effective & environmentally friendly!
The Oil is housed in a large 200ml glass bottle with a black pump & beautiful 
graphic design (mandala) on the front, hand drawn by Isha herself!
But what's inside..?
They have 4 different cleansers with a blend of oils to suit your skin type -
I personally have normal/combination skin so Isha recommended me the "Normal Skin" cleanser

Normal Skin Cleanser - Organic Sunflower & Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Lemon Essential Oil
Dry Skin Cleanser - Organic Sunflower & Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Lavender Essential Oil
Oily Skin Cleanser - Organic Sunflower Oil, Essential Oils
Unscented Cleanser -  Organic Sunflower & Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil

Completely Plant based ingredients, Does NOT contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), 
Parabens or any other nasties. Are cruelty free & handmade to order!

Why is Oil Cleansing so popular & SO much better for your skin..??
As we all know, our skin produces oils naturally to keep skin moisturised, among other reasons,
Most face washes & cleansers are formulated with harsh detergents & chemicals 
stripping the skin of its natural oils resulting in the body overproducing oil to replace lost moisture!
It's a never ending cycle!
Cleansing oil uses the good oils to remove the bad oils from your skin (sebum that hardens in your pores, along with dirt & toxins) & replaces it with nutrient-rich plant & seed oils that cleanse, 
detoxify & moisturise the pores & skin! For example - Castor Oil pulls out dirt & oil, so on its own can be very drying, balance by mixing with hydrating oils that penetrate the skin like Vitamin E!
How to use..?
Massage into the skin, oils in the cleanser grab on to surface impurities, pulling out dirt without 
clogging pores. Gently remove eye makeup by wiping oil covered hands down over your lashes to dissolve even the most stubborn waterproof makeup! Don't rub this area too hard! 
Simply rinse off with a warm faced cloth & be left with glowing, regenerated & hydrated skin!

After using this everyday, my skins texture & breakouts improved within a week.
It feels perfectly balanced, not too oily or dry.
And I've only gone through a 1/4 of the bottle so far, a little goes a long way!
I'm hoping they come up with a Plant based oil serum or moisturiser to finish my skin routine
with another natural, organic, NZ made product! Fingers crossed!

How much & where can I purchase..??
Kent&co. currently sell their products on
All are priced $15.99nzd + $5 shipping for New Zealand
They are working on worldwide shipping but currently ship to
New Zealand + Australia
USA + Canada
Europe + European Union
Kent&co. etsy store
Insta + Facebook - "Kent&co."

LucyLoves! xx

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Gift ideas, Stocking stuffers & saving some money!

Beauty Gift Guide

I LOVE Christmas holidays! but we all know it gets stressful this time of year..
budgeting money, choosing & buying gifts for friends & family!
I've put together a few makeup gift ideas & some tips on how to save!
Most of the beauty brands bring out holiday/Christmas collections each year.
I personally collect them to try new products & new colours but they also make 
perfect Christmas gifts for your friends, sisters, Mums, cousins etc
What if I have a budget?
Don't worry! Here are a few ideas ;)

$25 & Under
Kat Von D Lolita Lip Duo - x2 mini liquid lipsticks $19.50 usd
Becca Glow On The Go Duo - mini pressed & liquid Opal highlight $20 usd
Too Faced Melted French Kisses - x4 minis Melted Minis $25 usd

$50 & Under

Too Faced Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks set - x3 mini Blushes + x3 mini Melted lipsticks $36 usd
Stila Eternally Your Liquid Lipstick set - x6 mini Stay All Day lipsticks $39 usd
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Lipstick set - x7 minis + x1 Full size $42 usd
Too Faced Le Grand Chateau - x3 mini eye & cheek palettes + mini mascara $49 usd 

$80 & Under (Luxe Gifts)

 Too Faced Le Grand Palais - x1 big Palette + x3 mini products $58 usd
NARS One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette - $69 usd
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette - $80 usd

What if I have a lot of friends?
Here are some great ideas for stocking stuffers & how to save money with these holiday sets!
Get your bestie one of their fave products & throw in a bunch of minis!
Break up the sets & give each friend something they might like!
Maybe you've got a friend who loves pink? Or purple, nude or red?
Organise them into groups of colour for each person,
Put them in a pretty gift bag or cute box with chocolates or candy canes & a ribbon!
Buying the sets & dividing them for your friends is a great way to save 
some money at Christmas time! 
And the luxe gifts? Well they're something super special for someone amazing in your life 
or add them to your own wishlist for Santa! Haha ;)

But seriously, how amazing would it be to get this on Christmas morning?!?

Merry Christmas & Happy Shopping everyone!

LucyLoves! xx

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Aikosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set

Complete Brush Set Review!

About a month ago, thanks to a Instagram competition, I was contacted by 
Claudejyne the founder of the luxurious beauty brand - Aikosmetics 
I had won a complete set of their beautiful Rose Gold Makeup Brushes!
I was so grateful & beyond excited to try these!
The full set has 6 synthetic Face & 5 natural-hair Eye brushes
All with pale pink handles & rose gold ferrules, 
"..these brushes ensure you can achieve the best makeup application possible"

Only a week after contacting me, this pretty pink box arrived
 to my house in NZ, all the way from UK!
I've spent some time using each of the brushes, cleaning & using them again to test the quality..
They are super soft, feel lovely on the skin & look beautiful
I have one problem & that's with the white bristle brushes in this set..
All four shed every time I use them!

Face Brushes

Lasting Perfection Powder Brush - Fluffy Finishing Powder Brush. Dense & perfect for applying setting powder & mattifying specific areas without caking up or moving other products on the face 

Radiant Complexion Buffer -  Round Top Buffer is great for applying foundation to achieve a naturally flawless coverage. I like to use it for buffing/blending out cream products; contour or blush

Angled Blush Brush - For soft blush/bronzer application, this brush picks up the perfect amount of pigmented powder! Also works really well for contouring & softly blending that cheekbone shape! Sadly it sheds the hairs every time I use it or wash it..but that doesn't affect the finish 

Flawless Finish Flat Top - Achieve a flawless finish with this foundation brush. The short dense bristles build up the liquid to a full flawless coverage without wasting & soaking up all the product!

Skin Luminosity Highlight Perfect size & shape to blend highlight product to the cheekbones to create radiant glowing skin! This brush sheds also..

Eye Brushes
Imperfection Concealer Brush - Blend concealer onto smaller areas of the face to hide imperfections. Can also be used for defined contouring. I prefer to use it like an angled eyeshadow brush though!

Colour Precision Flat Brush - Apply eyeshadow base & shimmer all over the lid. I personally think it's to dense to pack on colour, it's better when used wet with shimmers

Beautiful Eyes Blending Brush - A fluffy eyeshadow brush that blends out harsh lines for a flawless eye look & good for applying transition shades. This is my fave! but it sheds while blending :/

Eye Contour Brush - This tapered eyeshadow brush blends eyeshadow into the crease seamlessly!

Smokey Eyes Pointed Brush - A pointed dome eyeshadow brush used for precise colour application. Apply a darker eyeshadow to the outer V for a smokey finish.

Perfect Brows Angled Brush - Used to create perfect brows or apply liner flawlessly. I love using this for my brows with a pomade, it's quite thin but easily makes fine hair-like strokes in brows.

I really love these brushes! 
They're beautiful pink & rose gold, soft & each one do what they're described to do!
The only downfall is the white bristle brushes shedding..
They are £59.99 (approx $140 nzd)
They ship worldwide! - prices will vary for country & weight of item,
Once shipped, they arrive super quickly in a pretty pink box!
You can purchase each brush individually on their website also ;)

LucyLoves! xx

Thursday, 19 November 2015

ChiChi Cosmetics Brow Pomade Review

Possible Dupe for ABH Dipbrow?? 

Recently ChiChi Cosmetics added a new product to their line,
ChiChi Brow Pomade
"Waterproof, smudge free creamy formula that's an all-in-one brow product,
Smoothly glides onto skin & hair to sculpt, colour & shape natural defined brows"
Available in 6 hair shades - Blonde, Taupe, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, 
Dark Brown & Black Brown. All neutral toned to perfectly match real hair.
These are available in NZ from Farmers for $20.99 nzd
or Australia from Target, Priceline or online for $14.99 aud
Could this product be a great affordable dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow?
I've got application & colour (Taupe) comparisons below!

Just like the ABH Dipbrow, the Chichi packaging is a solid glass pot with 
a black twist on lid & brand logo on top.
They appear the same size, but ABH contains 4g of product, the ChiChi only has 2g.
I've had my Dipbrow for just over a year now & still have a fair amount left, 
it has dried out slightly compared to the consistency when I first used it.
I found the ChiChi pomade to be very creamy which makes it easy 
to apply & a little goes a long way!

Application Tips: 
Because this is a cream product, it's easy to pick up more then you need with your brush, 
swipe most of the product from your brush on the inside of the lid & then apply to brows, 
reapplying as you need to get the desired effect
this also helps to avoid the thick, blocky brow look, less is more!
I find it easiest to use a angled liner brush with stiff bristles for control 
& a spoolie on the other end to brush them into shape & soften the product where it needs it.

Before & After - ChiChi Brow Pomade

It's super long lasting & it is waterproof! It needs a good scrubbing to remove!
Once dry, it's smudge free & doesn't move! Very much like ABH Dipbrow
I chose the colour TAUPE - a light, ashy "mousey brown" shade & matches my brows perfectly!
There's no warmth in it, it's cool toned & very natural looking.
L - ABH Taupe. R - ChiChi Taupe

Next to each other, they're basically identical 
I'm very happy with the colour & how close it is to my Dipbrow Taupe.
I decided to try one side with ABH Dipbrow & the other with ChiChi pomade
I used the same technique & angled brush for both..
I did achieve a better finish with ABH but I guess that's what you're paying for,
I don't know if it's because my Dipbrow has dried out slightly..?
I'm still super happy with the finish I get with the ChiChi pomade as a cheaper alternative!

Before & After - Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow 

Before & After - ChiChi Cosmetics Pomade

LucyLoves! xx

Monday, 16 November 2015

NARS One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette Review

Swatches & Palette Review

NARS Cosmetics have collaborated with Artistic Photographer,
Steven Klein for their Fantascene Holiday collection this year!
The Collection includes a couple of Cheek palettes, Lip sets, a Brush set & new 
Limited Edition Eyeshadows, Lipsticks & Nail colours all packaged beautifully, 
adorned with Stevens creative yet unusual work 

Because of the colours & amazing value, I decided to pick up the
 One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette
$69us Exclusive at Sephora ($165 Value!)

Let me talk about the reason I got this palette & why I think everyone else needs one!
I haven't tried many NARS products before, just their Foundations,
& I've always been interested in trying the cult fave Laguna Bronzer!

The bronzer alone is $39us for 0.28oz 
This palette contains 0.29oz of Laguna bronzer!
That's approx $40.39 worth of Bronzer

Each NARS individual Blush costs $30 for 0.16oz
This palette contains four 0.12oz Blushes, two of which are limited edition & exclusive to this palette
That's about $22.50 each, making it $90 worth of Blush

And the Paloma Contour duo is originally $42 for 0.28oz
This palette contains 0.12oz of each contour shade
Approx $18 each, so $36 total contour value 

Overall this palette is worth $166us*
This palette is the perfect way to try out new colours & more NARS products 
without breaking the bank! It would also make an amazing gift!
Plus the value makes this palette a must have for any beauty lover!
The only downfall is it's not designed to suit everyone, mainly fair to medium skin tones. 

Paloma Highlight - A matte flesh pink beige highlight shade
Paloma Contour - A deep neutral toned contour shade
Laguna Bronzer - A warm toned luminous bronzer
Robotic - A cool toned pink with a natural sheen finish
Blasphemy - A cool toned rosy mauve with micro shimmers
Luster - A tanned apricot with golden shimmer
Dolce Vita - A dusty plum rose with golden shimmer

The blushes are all great quality & nicely pigmented. I personally don't like blushes with strong pigmentation, I find it easier to build up the product to your desired intensity then to try soften it by buffing it out. The Paloma Contour gives a very nice natural shadow, it looks slightly red toned in the pan but blends in beautifully & the Paloma Highlight makes a nice undereye setting powder, brightens but not too highlighting. And the Laguna Bronzer is a really nice bronzer to warm up the skin & give it a natural glow, I've seen people use it for contour also & it's actually not too shimmery for that & works quite well. But as I mentioned above, the shades are not useful for deep skin tones & only really show up on Fair to Medium skin. But realistically it's impossible to please everyone with one palette.

NARS also have the Despair Cheek Palette with four 0.12oz Blushes & a mini ITA Brush available for $65us, but for $5 more you get the Contour & Bronzer shades too!!
This is an aaaamazing value! Get your hands on one quickly!
Exclusive at Sephora

The front design on the palette

LucyLoves! xx

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Too Faced Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks

Review & Swatches!

I have yet another Holiday giftset from Too Faced to show you guys!
This is the Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks set!
Three mini Melted Lipsticks with Three mini Love Flush Blushes to match
This set is perfect for Christmas, divide into three for your friends
or keep them for yourself & try some great Too Faced products in different shades!
Price $36 USD (Value $60)
Available at Sephora, & ULTA
Swatches & more pics below!

I couldn't help myself when I saw the cute mini Blushes in this set, I had to have them!
I'm starting to try out different blushes & different shades, the purple duo caught my eye..
I have never tried purple colours on my skintone before & wouldn't purchase a full size for the chance it won't suit me, so that is why this set is great!
The mini Melted lipsticks are always a good value & the mini Blushes are small but have enough to play with for a few months, and you won't feel guilty about wasting product if it's not your shade!
On the other hand, this set is designed as Three Gifts in One!
Each colour duo are packaged in their own box with "To/From" labels on the back, 
making them perfect stocking stuffers for your friends!

They are also the perfect size for travelling or to throw in your handbag for touch ups
Each Melted Lipstick mini is 0.16oz (5ml) almost half the amount of the full size
Each Love Flush Blush mini has 0.07oz (2.0g) a bit larger than your average eyeshadow
You're paying about $6 for each product in this set!

Melted Nude - Peachy Brown Nude

Love Hangover Blush - Warm Peachy Pink with a sheen finish

Melted Peony - Soft Dusty Pink 

Justify My Love Blush - Cool toned Pink with Gold shimmer

Melted Fig - Muted Rosy Violet

Your Love Is King Blush - Plumy Rose with a sheen finish

The quality of these minis are just as good as the full sized products, nicely pigmented, the blushes blend beautifully & the lipsticks are sweet smelling & creamy like the original!
I highly recommend this holiday set from Too Faced! Good value, good quality, makes
three separate gifts or keep for yourself to try new shades,
Plus, they're just so cute!!
$36 USD at Sephora, ULTA &

Reviews on the other 2015 holiday sets from Too Faced:
Le Grand Palais - Click Here
Le Grand Chateau - Click Here

LucyLoves! xx

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Kat Von D - Mi Vida Loca Studded Lipstick Set

Review & Swatches!

I've got another great Holiday gift set to review for you guys, this time from Kat Von D!
The Mi Vida Loca Remix Studded Kiss Lipstick set
7 Mini Lipsticks & One full size Limited Edition Lipstick in white studded packaging
$42 USD exclusive at Sephora
I love getting the different lip sets each year to try out new colours & formulas, 
and Kat Von D always has the best variety of shades

Swatches below!

"As the winner of 2014 Sephora Innovation Award, Kat Von D's Studded Lipstick keeps the lips feeling soft & supple with an antioxidant complex of moisturising ingredients such as Vitamin E. Each lipstick is infused with a Crème Brulee scent for a subtle, sweet experience inspired by her love of sweet. Kat Von D designed the covetable glossy black casing after her signature studded cuff. The lipstick is adorned with the "KVD" monogram" - Sephora.

Studded Kiss Lipsticks are 100% vegan & not tested on Animals 

So this sets comes with 7 deluxe mini Studded Kiss Lipsticks (0.04oz)
a good range of colours in the signature black studded case
And 1 full size Limited Edition Studded Kiss Lipstick (0.10oz)
a classic red with a twist, in a beautiful white studded case exclusive to this set.

Gold Blooded LE - A warm Matte Red with Golden sparkle

Wolvesmouth - A Metallic cool toned Purple Berry 

Sexer - A fluorescent Pink with a Frosted Matte finish

Noble - A Matte Peachy Pink Nude (Cult favourite)

NaYeon - A cool Black frost with Gunmetal shimmer

Bachelorete - A Matte Reddish Fuchsia (Cult favourite)

Halo - A Frosted Matte Neon Medium Orange

Coven - A Matte Light-Medium cool toned Lavender

I really like the range in this set - neutral, vibrant & crazy colours to try.
The formulas are nice & smell delicious! But a couple of the colours apply a bit patchy, such as wolvesmouth & coven. Coven is such a beautiful Lilac Purple but needs building up for opacity & an even application. NaYeon is a very interesting shade with the gunmetal glitter through it. It feels quite chunky & gritty on the lips & the glitter makes it hard to get a nice application.

I think this is great value for money, it's a cool gift idea, you can split the colours up amongst your  friends & keep the colours you like to throw in your handbag!
$42 USD exclusive at Sephora 

LucyLoves! xx

Thursday, 29 October 2015

HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Edit Review

Swatches & Palette Review

Each year, luxury brand Hourglass Cosmetics bring us a beautiful holiday palette
And this year, she's a Stunner!
First the Ambient Lighting Powder trio as a permanent item in 2013,
then the Ambient Lighting Blush trio last year as a limited edition palette, 
that I'm sure a lot of us are still kicking ourselves for not picking up (I know I am!)
And this year the Ambient Lighting Edit, a limited edition complete face palette 
with finishing & highlighting powders, blushes & a bronzer in one!
But with all the rumours & reviews so far about the price & size, we're left asking
Is it really worth it???

Price $80 USD for 0.29oz
Available at Sephora, Hourglass website, Nordstrom & other retailers

We all know Hourglass Cosmetics is a luxurious high-end brand acclaimed for 
their soft-focus, complexion perfecting formulas that create radiant, glowing skin!
Often the Ambient face powders are mistaken for highlighting or strobing powders 
when in fact they are used for setting the face makeup & giving that "perfect lighting" effect 
like you're ready for selfies all day!
Don't get me wrong, build up the product, such as Iridescent Light or Diffused Light, 
on the highest parts of your face - cheekbones, brow bone, you will achieve a beautiful, natural looking highlight. These are not meant to be highly pigmented powders & are designed to give the most natural, flawless-looking finish, but you can use them wet to intensify the highlight effect!
This palette includes three Ambient Lighting Powders, including one new shade 
Iridescent Strobe Light, two Ambient Lighting Blushes & one Ambient Lighting Bronzer in 
a golden plastic palette with a large mirror inside. The standard Sleek Hourglass packaging

Dim Light - A neutral peach beige that blurs imperfections & highlights the complexion
Iridescent Light - A rose pearl that gives the complexion a refined glow
Diffused Light - A soft pale yellow that conceals redness & gives the skin clarity
Mood Exposure - A soft plum blush fused with Mood Light to brighten the complexion
Luminous Flush - A champagne rose blush fused with Luminous Light for a candlelit glimmer
Luminous Bronze Light - A medium tan shade fused with Luminous Light for a softer candlelit warmth
Now lets talk about the value of this thing! 
Price - $80 USD (approx $120 NZD)
The size is 0.29oz/8.3g which is 0.049oz/1.4g in each pan
At first that sounded insane to me, that's a tiny amount of product!
"How could they possibly make this palette $80?!"
I convinced myself it was because of it's luxurious design & quality,
Hourglass is an expensive brand & this is a Limited Edition, High-end Holiday palette
In my mind, $80 is not that bad for 6 different products in one travel friendly palette
I'd be happy to pay $13-14 separately for this size pan of Hourglass powder,
& 6 in 1 is the perfect way to try the different shades & lighting effects.
Also, considering how long it takes to make a dent in these powders,
this palette should last a long time!
There is a travel size Ambient Lighting powder available in Dim Light
but it's $22 for 0.049oz of powder

If you already have the Ambient Lighting Palette & Ambient Blush Palette,
you really don't need to get this
I love mine & don't regret the purchase, I use it most days & don't find it
difficult to use with my brushes. I use an angled blush brush or tapered face
brush & get a good application. Obviously you're not gonna shove your
bronzer/powder brushes in there! The other shades may transfer & you'll
have the bronzer where you wanted the lighting powder!

LucyLoves! xx

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Too Faced Le Grand Chateau Gift Set

Review & Swatches!

Le Grand Chateau is another Too Faced Gift set from their Christmas in Paris collection
This set includes another Limited Edition Dollhouse box that opens up to 
3 individual makeup palettes, all perfect for travel!
18 Eyeshadows, 2 Blushes, a Bronzer & Deluxe sample of Better Than Sex Mascara
Available at Sephora, Ulta & the Too Faced website for $49 USD ($215 value!)

Swatches & more pics below!

Being the total sucker for packaging that I am, How could I pass up this set ?
That gorgeous French Chateau design, the little doors that open up revealing the products,
the three palettes dressed like ribboned presents, each with "To/From" gift labels 
on the back making them perfect stocking stuffers!
Once you take out the palettes, there's a cute background drawing of a Victorian 
styled sofa & Paris view with little bags full of Too Faced products, 
once again..Too Faced nails the attention to detail
Out of the 18 Shadows there are 6 Mattes (similar to the Le Grand Palais Set)
 Each individual Palette includes 6 eyeshadow shades & a large Cheek colour
Blue Palette - Paris au Naturale Wearable Day/Night Neutral shades
Pink Palette - Paris in Love Shimmery & Romantic Bronze shades
Black Palette - Paris After Dark Purple Smoky Night time shades


Pot Du Creme - Matte Cream White

Fifi- Matte Light/Med Brown 

La Femme - Matte Dark Cool Brown

Bonjour - Shimmer Bronze Gold

Merci - Shimmer Deep Tarnished Bronze

Oui - Black with Gold Sparkle 

Mademoiselle - Matte Neutral Peach Blush


Amour - Matte Off White

Fleur - Duochrome Peach Pink with Golden Shimmer

Je t'aime - Shimmer Cool toned Pink

Moi - Shimmer Taupe

Cherie - Shimmer Silver Grey

Tout Suite - Shimmer Bronze Brown

Jolie - Warm Shimmer Bronzer 


Le Marais - Duochrome Pearl/Pink Gold & Green Shimmer

Rendezvous - Matte Light Taupe Brown

Province - Medium Purple with Blue Shimmer

Parfait - Shimmer Champagne Pink

Tres Chic - Black with Purple Sparkle 

Noir - Matte Black

Tres Fab - Matte Neutral Pink Blush

Paris au Naturale is the perfect everyday, neutral palette with 3 Mattes & 3 Shimmers
to create multiple looks with & versatile enough so you can change your simple daytime
look to a beautiful evening look by adding a pop of shimmer! 
Also "Mademoiselle" is a nice matte blush, a wearable neutral peach
Paris in Love is a very romantic palette with soft shimmers & only 1 Matte shade! ("Amour")
Not so great as a stand alone palette, even the bronzer is shimmery..might be nice for a glowy 
beach-day look, but the colour "Fleur" is such a stunning duochrome shade with a peachy pink shimmer base & an intense gold reflect, it makes the palette worth keeping!
Paris After Dark is a great palette for a cool toned smoky look, with 2 Mattes & 4 shimmers you could play around & create a deep black smoky eye, or something purple & sultry for a sexy night out!
"Le Marais" is unlike any shadow I have seen before, it looks like a simple shimmery white highlight, but it has an insane duochrome effect of pinks, pearls, greens & golds making it super reflective! "Tres Fab" Blush is a cooler pink that goes perfectly in this palette.
The eyeshadows in this set are what you'd expect from Too Faced - Buttery, smooth & pigmented
If you have read my previous blog on the Le Grand Palais set, you will know how 
disappointed I was with that palette & the shadows..even the Blushes were pretty bad!
Le Grand Chateau - $49 for 18 eyeshadows, 2 Blushes, 1 Bronzer & Mascara Sample
Perfect quality, versatile, cute packaging..
Le Grand Palais - $58 for 18 eyeshadows, 2 Blushes, 1 Highlight, 1 Bronzer (Half the size)
Mini Mascara, Melted Lipstick & Shadow Insurance
Great colours but terrible textures, gorgeous packaging & extra samples

I totally recommend this set from Too Faced though!
The palettes are great gift ideas for a friend who loves her neutrals, one who 
goes for a simple glowy look & another who loves a smoky eye or pop of purple
And you can keep the Dollhouse box on your vanity for your self..or just keep the whole set! ;)

Reviews on the other 2015 Holiday sets from Too Faced:
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Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks - Click here

LucyLoves! xx