Monday, 23 March 2015


(714) Velour Liquid Lipstick 

I am not ashamed to say, for this Limited Edition* Matte Lipstick, I jumped through hoops to purchase this baby. Waited hours for the countdown, asked multiple people what time it would be in NZ (got multiple different answers), the rush through the checkout, but $18usd later she was mine!

This peachy-coral dream was named after the area code in Orange county where I was I born & raised! This neon pastel looks divine on any skin tone! Our liquid lipstick goes on opaque, dries completely matte & stays on for hours! This product is 100% vean & cruelty-free!" - Jeffree Star

 I remember being in highschool & listening to "Plastic Surgery Slumber Party" by Jeffree & thinking he was just the coolest, carefree person! So to hear he had a new cosmetic line..well I HAD to try!
The website quickly sold out of every colour available, proving how popular he was.

A brand with similar Velour Lipsticks, Lime Crime with "Velvetines", recently had a security breech on their site & many customers are left feeling unsafe purchasing any more after loosing their credit card details, (but you can read more about that if you search on Google)
Jeffree Star had perfect timing for his range to become available! 
We now have a beautifully packaged, trustworthy & quality alternative to turn to!
My First Impression:
Ok, I will be honest here, when applied to clean, exfoliated lips..It was wish-washy, streaky & kind of ..dissapointing..
I applied NYX Butter Lipstick "Lollies" on top & it looked stunning! So I went with it..
But the next day, I was determined to make (714) work on its own, 
I applied - let it dry - applied - let it dry & applied again...

Perfect opaque Neon pastel peach.

So I am now on a mission to get "Celebrity Skin" (soft brown nude) to replace my Cashmere Velvetine from Lime Crime, can't wait for restock in April! 

This product was $18 USD with $10 USD International shipping to NZ 
($40nzd) & was delivered a week later :)

LucyLoves! xx

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