Thursday, 23 April 2015

A guide to concealers

Concealers - How to choose

Concealer - used for exactly what the name suggests, Concealing!
Whether it be a drug store or high-end product -
 Blemishes, uneven skin tone or under-eye circles you are trying to cover
there is a concealer out there for you!
I have a range of different concealers, from different brands, & after playing around 
with them for a while, have found they all have a different purpose & each are 
perfect for certain things, & not so good for others..

Pictured above, are my current concealers.
Read below how I prefer to use these different concealers & what for..
  • MAC Pro long wear Concealer in NC15 - Perfect for my under eye circles & also on the whole lid as an eyeshadow base! Heavy, full coverage. I apply with a Real Techniques Contour Brush & set with Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana Powder. rrp. $20 USD
  • Milani Secret Cover Concealer in Natural Beige (Round pot, Gold lid) - This concealer can get quite dry, I like to add a drop of face oil. When it's the right consistency, creamy yet thick, it's perfect for carving out eyebrows or helping create a clean, sharp line on eyeshadow or winged eyeliner. Not great for under eyes as it gets very heavy & will crease. rrp. $5 USD
  • Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Fair - I Love this concealer for anything! I use it mainly to highlight under my eyes & on/around my pink nose.. Great for covering blemishes as well. It has a light & creamy consistency yet is full coverage. Best applied using your warm fingertips to blend out. rrp. $12 NZD
  • L.A Girl Pro Conceal in Classic Ivory - I use this under my eyes for dark circle coverage, its opaque full coverage but lightweight so it won't settle in to fine lines & crease. So nice to apply with either your fingertips or a concealer brush, I use the Real Techniques Contour brush for this concealer also. rrp. $3 USD
  • ELF Essential Zit Zapping Concealer in Fair - This product is something different! It's the 2in1 combination of concealer & Anti-bacterial ingredients that fight & prevent acne while giving an intense full coverage where needed. A unique blend of salicylic acid, tea tree oil & camphor that is safe & gentle, it minimizes pores while hiding & concealing blemishes. I lightly dab this product on & around blemishes using my fingertip, as to not spread germs using a brush, to blend then proceed on to foundation. rrp.$3 USD 
  • Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Under Eye Concealer in Light - As the name suggests, this product is designed specifically for under the eyes & claims "crease control". This product is something different again, in the way the actual concealing product is surrounded by a clear vitamin E & apple seed extract layer, which gives the intense hydration that prevents creasing. I also love this product for when I have any dry blemishes or patches around my nose etc. rrp.$24 USD
I hope this helps when in search for that perfect concealer!
It all depends on what you're looking for in a concealer, and what you don't want!

LucyLoves! xx

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks!

A Lipstick Review... 

Gerard Cosmetics has really become popular in the last year,
starting with the original "Brow Bar to-go" & their lighted lipglosses, Jennifer Gerard has made 
this brand what it is today, and it continues to grow!

I Love what it says on the site "Gerard Cosmetics was created with a pure passion & clear vision to offer every woman products that were the solution to everyday makeup blunders. Gerard Cosmetics is a line created for women by women who empower each other & strive to offer products that are luxurious, accessible & endlessly chic."

(Picture: Cherry Cordial, 1995, Nude, Buttercup, Tequila Sunrise, Kimchi Doll)

So I recently made an order from for some lipsticks!
Let me just say, Gerard Cosmetics LOVES us! And offers us so many amazing discount codes
through their social media sites, Instagram, Facebook etc, (some listed below)
They also give some of our well known & fave Beauty Gurus, such as Jaclyn Hill, Shaaanxo, Sophia Chang & MannyMua, codes to share with us!

Speaking of Jaclyn Hill! This guru has collaborated with this amazing brand to give us two Beautiful Lipsticks - "1995" Inspired by Kylie Jenners 90's Grunge Glam, and "Buttercup" described as the perfect everyday pinky nude,
Which Jaclyn then designed two lighted lip glosses to pair with these colours
"Buttercream", a soft creamy pink & "Rose Hill",  a spring reddish berry shade
Another Guru, Sophia Chang (or Fashionista804 on Instagram) has collaborated to create the stunning Pale peachy pink "Kimchi Doll", which I recommend using with a Lip liner to avoid washing you out & changing up the colour every time!


(From Top to Bottom)

"Kimchi Doll" - by Sophia Chang, Pale peach pink nude, Creamy
"Tequila Sunrise" - Bright orange pink coral, Slightly Matte
"Buttercup" - Jaclyn Hill Collection, Cool toned pink nude, Creamy
"Nude" - A true neutral brown nude, Creamy
"1995" - Jaclyn Hill Collection, Dark pink brown nude, Slightly Matte
"Cherry Cordial" - Dark reddish purple plum, Creamy

Basically, all of these lipsticks have a creamy consistency, even the ones that are slightly matte,
still have a nice moisturising finish. I will admit, they take a few swipes to the lips 
to build the opaqueness, which I guess is nice, this means
you can alternate & make the colours as sheer or opaque as you like.
Might I also mention Free Delivery with most discount codes used!
And Fast Delivery! in New Zealand within 10 days!

Here are a few discount codes:
1 Lipstick & 1 Lipgloss for $20usd - "pickurpout" 
Pick any 4 Lip colours for $39usd - "justforjaclyn" or "manny4you"
Pick any 3 Lipsticks for $30usd - "3for30" or "Mannylip"
Pick 2 Lip colours for $20 - "GC2lips"
Lipstick 5 Pack for $45 - "GCdeal45"
35% off + Free Worldwide shipping - "jaclyn35", 
20% off - "Shaaanxo"

Make sure you check out their website & Beauty reviews on Youtube!

LucyLoves! xx