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Hot Makeup! Collab with Stacey Banfield - Part Two

A Review on the Products...  

In Part two of my Hot Makeup collaboration with Stacey Banfield (Paintedlipsnz)
I will be reviewing the Hot Makeup products that I have & used 
in the Glam, summery makeup look I posted last week.
Stacey shared her thoughts on the Hot Makeup products she picked up, on her blog (linked above^)
And this week will share a makeup look she created with her products
 I can't wait to see what stunning look she comes up with!

Hot Makeup, founded by Francini Franco, was inspired by an artistic spirit of expression,
"Hot Makeup brings something new to the market. Something we've wanted for a long time, but never quite had. Infused with passion, vivid colours, fun & boundless possibilities of expression! Becoming a preferred choice for Makeup artists of film, T.V & Theater, all over Brazil" 

So pictured above are the Eight products I purchased!
The look I created used seven of these products..
I was inspired by the stunning Rose Gold packaging to make an order online & the 
Kiss Me More Lipcreme in "Sunkissed" to create some Summery peachy goodness with my makeup!
Hot Makeup USA ship Worldwide & have amazing deals on shipping costs.
I made my orders when they had Free Worldwide Shipping all of April.


Hot Candy Eye Shadow 
- "Harmony" $17USD

These are essentially Pressed Pigments, when used with a wet, flat eye shadow brush, it creates a stunning Metallic-like sheen over the lid. Or if used dry, it gives a pop of sparkle on the lid. I was fairly disappointed with this product when used dry, no matter how I applied it, it looked & acted more like a glitter that would not stay or show much colour. I would recommend trying a Glitter Glue (eg. Too Faced Glitter Glue) to help the pigmentation & staying power. I found this product best to use with a wet brush, sprayed with MAC Fix +, it gave the most pigmented look with less fall out. 
Seen on my lid in the pic below, "Harmony" sure did last all day & looked how it did when first applied.

Silky Matte Eye Shadow 
- "Tuscan Sun" & "Fashion Sense" $12USD

These are single shadows in magnetized pans for Palette customization. Infused with Jojoba oil, these are highly pigmented & easy to blend. "Tuscan Sun" is a Deep burnt brown, copper & "Fashion Sense" is a Crisp, vibrant peachy orange. As pictured below, these shadows are larger than your average Eyeshadow pan, this is compared to a MAC single shadow. These can also be used for Blush

Red Carpet Ready Blush
- "Treasure" $21

This blush in "Treasure" is a bright orangey melon colour, very highly pigmented & has a silky texture on the skin. As shown in the picture below, this blush has a beautiful, natural sheen to it. But remember to use a light hand, these blushes aren't kidding around with their pigmentation! I love it & need more now! 

Fat Daddy Mascara
- Waterproof Volumizing $19USD

"High definition Mascara that will separate, define & create volume while promoting eyelash growth"
The wand with this mascara is normal length, but thin with short comb-like bristles that coat each lash creating that separated & volumized look while also giving length, which everyone asks for in a Mascara! But, there is one downfall with this product..I found the formula to be very wet, which on the first swipe, lay down too much product creating clumpy, hard-to-define lashes. Also requiring a longer drying time. But the end result is so perfect I think I can get past that ;)

Luscious Lip Gloss
- "Good Girl" $19USD

This is one product I was most excited to talk about, these Luscious Lip Glosses! Let me first say, for a Lip Gloss, I can't get over the pigmentation! The swatch is with one swipe of this lip can see for yourself. As for the tacky feeling normal lip glosses tend to have, this product does have a slighty sticky texture but nothing compared your average lip gloss we're used to.

Kiss Me More Lip Cream
- "Sunkissed" & "Runway" $19USD

And this is one product I was initially, very excited to try out! But instead, ended up disappointed with.. I loved the look of "Sunkissed" that creamy peach colour everyone would love to find in a Matte Lip cream product, I thought I'd hit the jackpot with this one.. These swatch & apply beautifully! They look so nice on the lips, until they start to dry..once dried, it starts to crumble off. These do not last very long before, in my opinion, they feel uncomfortable to wear & don't look very good cracking & peeling off on the inner of your lips..At first I thought I got a bad batch with "Sunkissed" so I then tried "Runway" a deep blue red, but this was the same. Something needs to be fixed with the mattifying components in these because the colours are beautiful!
Shown below is an example of how this product looks on the lips after 5-10mins.

So that is my review & honest opinion on all the Hot Makeup products I picked up.
I was impressed with most of these products & they are amazing, there were just those last few cons I was saddened by because I had looked forward to them the most!
But we will have to watch this space, because I have a feeling this brand is going to explode & take over soon! And who knows what they have up their sleeve for us next...

Don't forget to check out Stacey's Fab blog Painted Lips
This girl knows her stuff!

LucyLoves! xx

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