Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation

A Foundation Review... 

A review on this featherweight foundation that combines the benefits of 
BB cream & foundation with light to medium coverage.
Clinically proven to increase hydration, brighten & smooth skin while softening the 
appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
Buxom cosmetics is well known for their Full-on Plumping Lip Creams, & have branched out in to the cosmetic world with so much more - bronzers, blushers & foundation!
This skin-nourishing foundation is formulated with Vitamin C, Tamarind seed, & Marine algae extracts while water encapsulation technology enables a refreshingly soft finish, while
 its versatile coverage last for up to 8 hours.

I got this decent sized sample from Sephora when I made an order online, decided to 
give it whirl & let you all know how amazing it is! Or isn't.. 
It offered four colour options to choose from for Light to Medium skin tones,
Tickle The IVORY - Neutral Ivory for Fair Skin 
FAIR Game - Neutral Beige for Light Skin
Dim The LIGHT - Warm Yellow for Light Skin
Silky Negli BEIGE - Neutral Beige for Medium Skin 
Available in 12 shades.
I have attached a photo of what the packaging is like below, not the most aesthetically pleasing but will avoid any breakage if dropped or knocked.
 This particular product contains 45ml of foundation for $34 usd
You get value for your money when you're not paying partially for fancy packaging..
Now, as this foundation claims, it has a similar finish to BB cream, light to medium coverage giving the skin a hydrated, soft & smooth finish with breathable texture that seamlessly blends into skin.
Recommended use a pearl-sized amount for a moisturised, smooth, glowing complexion.
Though lacking in SPF like BB cream, it's blendable & buildable coverage imitates bare skin,
blurring imperfections while not completely covering blemishes, giving a smooth natural finish.
I applied "Fair Game" using just a Flat Top Kabuki (couldn't find my Beauty Blender!)
I instantly noticed how easily it melted & blended in to a dewy moisturised finish.
You will need more product then what is recommended for more coverage.
This colour may have been slightly to dark & "Tickle the Ivory" could of been better, but because it
allows your skin to show through, it still blended well.
It did rub off on my forehead within a few hours with me touching or playing with my hair.
                              BEFORE                                       AFTER

This is once I finished my makeup, how it applied, set and held other products over it.

Here is the photo of the sample packaging:

LucyLoves! xx

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