Sunday, 30 August 2015

COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Swatches & Review!

A few months ago, Colourpop Cosmetics released an entire range of 
their own liquid lipsticks - Ultra Mattes
Starting with 25 colours & they have just added 8 more!
From Classic Nude shades to Crazy Blues & Greens, 
And for $6 usd, they're worth trying!
These sold out within hours of being released!
So I managed to pick up 6 colours when the site restocked

Swatches & thoughts below!

I heard more about these from Manny (MannyMUA733) & TrendMood on their Snapchat stories!
So many colours to choose from, in a Liquid-to-Matte formula, all $6 usd EACH?!?
I had to try these for myself!
Liquid-to-Matte Lipsticks are all the rage this year & popping up everywhere!
Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Stila, LASplash, Dose of Colors & more
have all gone down the Matte road with stunning colours available!
Colourpop Cosmetics, by far, have the largest colour variety available & continue to create more, also are the most affordable on the market at $6 each
Colourpop never disappoint!


Top - Bottom

Limbo - Deep Chocolate Brown

Tulle - Dusty Mauve Burgundy

Bumble - Dusty Warm Terracotta

Pacific - True Bright Orange 

Trap - Dusty Grey Beige ("Greige")

Midi - Soft Neutral Beige


"Soft Neutral Beige"

This applies like a Neutral Peachy nude, 
yet once it dries Matte the colour changes slightly to a more pale mauve nude.

The formula of this is smooth & dries like nothing on your lips, very comfortable to wear & lasts hours!


"Dusty Grey Beige"

This shade is ultra popular at the moment, "Greige"
And Trap is exactly that, a Grey toned Beige.
Has a hint of Mauve on my skintone

It applies beautifully but can dry patchy & may need another layer once dried & can feel a tad cakey/tacky after a while because of that. Lasts hours also but I personally like to remove & reapply after eating.


"Dusty Warm Terracotta"

Bumble reminds me of the popular Kylie Jenner lip colour! Has less of that Terracotta tone on my skin but I've been wearing this one the most! 

The formula of this shade only requires a light layer of product, it can smear out of your lip line so I recommend a lip liner. But once it's dry, feels like nothing on your lips & lasts hours.


"True Bright Orange"

Ok, every girl needs a statement colour!
This shade is a stunning, almost Neon, Orange. Highly pigmented & perfect for Summer. I love this colour, but they have a shade "Succulent" that looks deeper & more wearable for darker skintones. 

One thing, the formula of this
After one layer, it dried patchy, I applied
another layer & this baby just crumbled off!
I think it's best to exfoliate lips first, apply super thin, let dry, and another thin layer.


"Dusty Mauve Burgundy"

This is more of a brown burgundy on my skin, I love this colour for Autumn/Winter
It reminds me of Anastasia Beverly Hills Limited Edition shade "Veronica", only a quarter of the price!

The formula of this shade is lovely, a lot like "Bumble" it feels like nothing on your lips, not drying & lasts hours, but I recommend a lip liner with this one. As you can see, it can dry patchy. So go for a thin layer, let dry, another thin layer.


 "Deep Chocolate Brown"

A Khloe Kardashian Brown!
I LOVE this shade, Deep Dark Chocolate, this has a perfect balance of cool/warm tones to make this shade ultra wearable for light-dark skin

The formula is slighty patchy, I think it happens with the deeper shades, but is easy to layer up the opacity & doesn't go crumbly or tacky. This shade does start to fade off in the centre after a while, but is still long-lasting

Now, I think you all need to go over to & check out the Ultra Matte range!
 For $6 you can't go wrong!
The pigmentation, formula, lasting power & colour range 
will have you wondering what you ever saw in $20 Liquid Lipsticks!
Also if you're interested in their Shadows, Blushes/Bronzers/Highlighters & Lippiestix, check out my last Colourpop Blog! Huge Haul Review with swatches
The addiction is real, once it starts, you'll want to buy everything!

LucyLoves! xx

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Becca Cosmetics Haul - StrawberryNET

Review + Swatches

Some of you may have heard of  StrawberryNET
Known for selling Perfume, Makeup, Skincare etc at discounted prices
Also rumoured to sell fake/replica products...
I've ordered from StrawberryNET multiple times before & have never
 had a problem with product authenticity!
I believe they stock a lot of discontinued & older products giving them 
the ability to give us such amazing discounts!
I saw the jaw dropping prices of their Becca products & decided to try some
 - Swatches below

First, I picked up the Becca Fine Pressed Powder in "Wheat" 
For $25nzd (Price now $28.50) Normally retails for $66
This is no longer available to purchase from their site, after doing some research 
I found these products were released & first reviewed in 2012, hence the awesome discount!
Next I got a couple of the single eyeshadows in "Chintz" a Shimmery Olive 
& "Damask" Shimmery Bronze/Gold, for $13.50nzd (Price now $15) Retails for $37
These are also no longer available to purchase on their site, but were reviewed around 2012 by Wayne Goss Makeup Artist on Youtube.
I'm not gonna lie, I just really wanted mini Becca compacts!


Fine Pressed Powder $25 

I ordered this in the shade "Wheat", it appeared to be the lightest shade available
This product had a plastic film protecting the powder & is in the usual, high-quality Rubberized compact from Becca, also comes with a zip-up Travel case with "Becca" engraved on the zip.
This product is definitely authentic!

I've tried a few different setting/pressed powders so I'm always keen to try new ones out!
Becca Cosmetics is well-known for their high-quality products designed to enhance natural beauty features, but this pressed powder was a let down..
First off the colour is quite yellowy for my skin & second, this powder is chalky!
Bearing in mind, this product is a few years behind now, but it makes me skin quite dry looking..
But you know what, for $25, I'll work with it! Try it out again in summer when my skin is tanned & slightly oilier, it might work a dream!

Eye Colour Powder $15

I picked up two of these single shadow compacts, both Shimmer finishes

"Chintz" A deep Olive Green with Gold shimmer
"Damask" A intense Gold with Bronze shimmer

Both in the cutest mini, rubberized compacts also with protective plastic films over shadows.
The quality of these are no different to any other Authentic Becca product!


This beautiful Shimmery Golden Olive is one of my fave shadow shades right now, the only downfall, this product does not apply to the eyes like it swatches, it
gives sheer pigmentationTry this out with wet flat shadow brush

This is a deeper Gold shade with hints of Copper & Bronze micro-shimmer through it
This shade does apply better on the eyes than "Chintz" especially if you apply using your fingertips or a wet flat shadow brush!

As you can see they swatch beautifully & buttery
I may order a couple more to test out, for that price I can't say no to Becca!

And as for StrawberryNET, they guarantee authenticity of their stock, I've never had a problem with the products, sale items, discounted & damaged items (usually just a damaged box) or Unboxed items!

They offer Free Shipping when you purchase any beauty item,
Arrives to NZ within 1-2 weeks
(excl. Fragrances)
And also loyalty discounts + free gifts!

LucyLoves! xx

Thursday, 13 August 2015

How I Order my Makeup from USA!

Forwarding Addresses, Sephora, MAC etc!  

As some of you may know, I'm from New Zealand, 
a small country at the bottom of the map!
For the longest time, I had been dreaming of the products & prices 
American Beauty Lovers enjoy, including Reward points & Deluxe Samples!
Then I heard about - Forwarding Services
So basically a Forwarding Service is a Delivery service that provide you 
with an American address to use when ordering on any American site.
Your parcel is delivered to their Warehouse in USA, you pay for Shipping from there, 
& they send your order here, to your house, in NZ! 

Here are a few services I've tried myself, trust & continue to use = - Free Sign up 
This is one Forwarding Service I use all the time! It's based in NZ, stems from their NZ post website. I personally find this site the easiest, most affordable & trustworthy to use. 
When you sign up, you will receive addresses tp their warehouses in USA, UK & China + your own NZ post I.D number. This is a MUST to enter into the shipping information to ensure you receive your order. I personally DON'T enter the I.D number in the "First Name" section, as long as it's in the Address Line you're fine! When it arrives to their warehouse, the I.D no. will show up under your name, they will email you payment info for shipping & send it away to you!
I use YouShop when ordering from MAC USA, Too Faced Cosmetics & now Sephora!
They do have a consolidation option for multiple packages & discounted prices the more you have - up to 10 boxes! 
Check the product restrictions for YouShop before ordering, some products e,g Perfume is dangerous goods & won't get accepted/sent!

Sephora does not accept Debit Cards & will cancel orders, only Credit Cards are accepted as they don't have a set currency!
Too Faced Cosmetics will only accept PayPal payments, select or enter your given US address on PayPal, otherwise they will decline your card for your order. - Free Sign up
I've used this service a few times to order from Sephora when I got perfume samples or wanted to order their Perfume Mini sets etc
Based in Australia, specifically for ordering from the US, this site has an initial service fee that is added to the Shipping Price in the end. When you sign up you need to "Place Order", let them know you want "To make an Order using their Address" (There are 3 options) & Enter the products you'll be ordering. This will ensure you get everything you ordered! Including Samples..
They are more expensive then other services, but for a few reasons, consolidation is free no matter how many orders, and perfume is accepted & sent to NZ.
I found with UStoOZ, the more orders you make the more reasonable the price is.
Once they receive your package, you are emailed with a few Shipping options including with or without insurance, 6-10 days or 2-4 weeks arrival time etc - $5 Sign up Fee
This is the first Service I used, I heard about this site through Shaaanxo on YouTube.
This site is more confusing to use in my opinion but its trustworthy & does work!
You start by signing up with a $5 fee to prove you have a working card, get your Address & start shopping! Once your order arrives to their warehouse, top up your Shipito account for shipping!
You also have the "Special Request" Option that costs $5 if you have a restricted product or sample, request to have it removed. Or if you want that Perfume or Sample, for a higher price they have a shipping option for Fed Ex that accepts dangerous goods.
Another option on this site is the "Assisted Purchase" option where you top up your account with money, enter in the products your wishing to get, they will personally collect those for you & let you know when it arrives. This is the best option to choose if you're worried about your order getting cancelled 

I sometimes use a Forwarding Address for sites that do ship to NZ, but have a hefty shipping charge! E.g I made another Colourpop order last week! I didn't quite have enough money to pay for shipping, so I got it sent via YouShop (giving me free US shipping) & paid the YouShop shipping charge when it arrived to their warehouse this week! 
It actually worked out cheaper that way anyway - $22 NZD vs $20 USD (approx $30 NZD)

Others to check out - 
Comgateway, HopShopGo, MyUS & Private Box
I haven't personally used these but know people who have & recommend also!
I really hope this information helped some people,
I know I was unsure & nervous the first time I tried a Forwarding Service!
Any Questions, just ask & I'll try to help :)

NZ has a $280 (Including Shipping) Maximum spend before customs Tax

LucyLoves! xx

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Products & Swatches!  

 I had heard about this new Brand through one of my Fave Beauty Gurus - Shaaanxo
She actually collaborated with Colourpop to bring us four of her own colours!
Then Kathleen Lights - another fave - bought out her own quad of shadows & a Lipstick shade! 
Of course I had to go check them out...
I was shocked at how affordable everything was!
 $5usd for Eyeshadows & Lippiestix! $8usd for Cheek products!

So it was my Birthday on July 10th & I asked for some money to make a ColourPop Order!
I had a few things in mind but it's hard to resist everything at that price point!
Check out what I got below + swatches of everything!

As you can see, I got a decent sized haul! 
There are a few unique things about this brand..
One thing is the interesting mousse-like texture of the shadows & face products, these are not powder or cream products, yet they feel creamy & moussey to the touch & apply like a powder on the skin. Another is the stick packaging of their lipsticks, different to the traditional, shorter bullet shape, 
these are longer, thinner stick-like lippies & they have the texture & pigmentation of a normal lipstick = Lippiestix!  
And also, the quality! The pigmentation of every single product blew me away! 
The packaging also feels good quality, it doesn't feel cheap & tacky.
I like the cute white pots with the reflective silver Colourpop signature,
Colourpop is a makeup lovers dream, the range of colours they have
& continue to create for us are stunning!


Top - Bottom
Creature - Matte Deep Blackened Burgundy, sexy vamp colour, more of a creamy matte.
Tootsi - Matte Cool-toned Grey Beige, a great alternative to Lime Crimes "Cashmere", slightly warmer in comparison.
Brink - Matte Warm Dusty Taupe, Can anyone say Kylie Jenner lips?! I LOVE this colour, I might order 10 of these next time for backup!
Pinch - Matte Light Pinky Beige, I also love this colour, it comes off a deeper brown nude on me!
Tipsy - Gloss Light Neon Peach, this colour gave me a shock! Yes it's "Glossy" but damn is she pigmented! With one swipe, this will be a summer fave!

$5 USD each!

All super creamy with crazy pigmentation!

They smell like vanilla, similar to MAC lipstick

Every shade has a matching lip liner available to purchase also!

Lippiestix come in 7 different formulas -
Creme, Sheer, Satin, Glossy, Hyper-Glossy, Matte & Pearlized


This quad was a collaboration with Social Media Sensation, Shaaanxo!
One of my favourite YouTubers & also from New Zealand, she is such an inspiration to young women!

These are her 4 custom shades
XO - Pearlized Champagne
Deluxe - Pearlized Red Bronze 
Rebel - Matte Khaki Green
Selfie - Matte Peach Brown

Quad Price - $20 USD 

Top - Bottom
Deluxe, this colour is a delicious, warm chocolate brown with bronze & golden shimmer through it! Blend in to the outer-v & smudge under the lash-line or over the whole lid for a dark bronze smokey eye.
Rebel, this matte, mid-tone Khaki looks good all over the lid for a smoked-out grungey look or lower lash line to add some edgy colour to any neutral eye!
Selfie, this is a great transition shade to blend in the crease or smoke out the lower lash-line for depth. Or you could use Selfie alone over your lid for a simple sunkissed eye look
XO, perfect for highlighting the inner corner, I also love this over the lid with "Selfie" blended in to the crease for some day-time glam!


This is a collaboration with Cuban-America Beauty YouTuber KathleenLights
Another one of my favourite gurus to watch, she's hilarious & I love her style! 

These are her 4 custom shades
Glow - Matte Creamy Vanilla
Cornelious - Matte Warm Caramel 
Kathleenlights - Pearlized Bright Golden Copper
Blaze - Metallic Coco Bronze Sprinkled with Multi-Dimensional Glitter

Quad Price - $20 USD 

Top - Bottom
Blaze, Another delicious colour, a bronze brown with multi-dimensional glitter through it, it comes off slightly green-bronze. It looks amazing on its own as 
deep sultry smokey eye!
Kathleenlights, this is a true bronze gold! So buttery & amazing over the lid, this with Cornelious blended in to the crease creates a beautiful, bright summer look!
Cornelious, perfect transition shade to pair with the two above, blend in the crease to soften up any harsh lines.
Glow, a true creamy vanilla, because this is a matte shade I like to use this all over the lid as a base for the other shadows, it's also nice as a brow bone highlight 

Top - Bottom
Wisp - Pearlized Highlight, this is a Golden Champagne with a highly reflective gold duo-chrome finish! Mine actually arrived broken, I emailed Colourpop & without a question, they sent me a replacement, That's what I call customer service!
Trickery - Satin Blush, a soft pastel true peach. I find its more of peachy-pink then a "true Peach", at least on my skin, it's still a stunning blush!
Between The Sheets - Matte Blush, A mid-tone beige pink. I Love this shade, it's a great everyday dusty pink, very natural looking with no shimmer.
Aphrodisiac - Matte Blush, soft beige brown. Apparently could be used as a contour shade, I am yet to try it for this. Other wise it gives a nice bronzey colour to the cheeks for a sunkissed glow
Bon Voyage - Matte Bronzer in soft tan, perfect for fair/light skin tones to warm up the skin.

$8 USD Each!

I like to apply these with my fingers or a duo-fibre stipple brush to control the amount of pigmentation applied.
These babies are so buttery & pigmented, it's easy to go over board 

The eyeshadows are also best applied with your fingers for the most colour pay-off, but you can diffuse the crease shades using a blending brush.

Another thing to make this brand even more amazing, they are Cruelty Free & Do Not Test on Animals! Also their products are gluten free & most are vegan too! (though they advise you not to eat them haha) 
And that concludes my huge Colourpop Haul! I love everything I ordered & hope to get more soon! I'm dying to try their new Ultra Matte Lipsticks! The only downfall is the International Shipping cost!

Colourpop currently only ship to the following countries:
New Zealand
Puerto Rico

LucyLoves! xx