Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Becca Cosmetics Haul - StrawberryNET

Review + Swatches

Some of you may have heard of  StrawberryNET
Known for selling Perfume, Makeup, Skincare etc at discounted prices
Also rumoured to sell fake/replica products...
I've ordered from StrawberryNET multiple times before & have never
 had a problem with product authenticity!
I believe they stock a lot of discontinued & older products giving them 
the ability to give us such amazing discounts!
I saw the jaw dropping prices of their Becca products & decided to try some
 - Swatches below


First, I picked up the Becca Fine Pressed Powder in "Wheat" 
For $25nzd (Price now $28.50) Normally retails for $66
This is no longer available to purchase from their site, after doing some research 
I found these products were released & first reviewed in 2012, hence the awesome discount!
Next I got a couple of the single eyeshadows in "Chintz" a Shimmery Olive 
& "Damask" Shimmery Bronze/Gold, for $13.50nzd (Price now $15) Retails for $37
These are also no longer available to purchase on their site, but were reviewed around 2012 by Wayne Goss Makeup Artist on Youtube.
I'm not gonna lie, I just really wanted mini Becca compacts!


Fine Pressed Powder $25 

I ordered this in the shade "Wheat", it appeared to be the lightest shade available
This product had a plastic film protecting the powder & is in the usual, high-quality Rubberized compact from Becca, also comes with a zip-up Travel case with "Becca" engraved on the zip.
This product is definitely authentic!

I've tried a few different setting/pressed powders so I'm always keen to try new ones out!
Becca Cosmetics is well-known for their high-quality products designed to enhance natural beauty features, but this pressed powder was a let down..
First off the colour is quite yellowy for my skin & second, this powder is chalky!
Bearing in mind, this product is a few years behind now, but it makes me skin quite dry looking..
But you know what, for $25, I'll work with it! Try it out again in summer when my skin is tanned & slightly oilier, it might work a dream!

Eye Colour Powder $15

I picked up two of these single shadow compacts, both Shimmer finishes

"Chintz" A deep Olive Green with Gold shimmer
"Damask" A intense Gold with Bronze shimmer

Both in the cutest mini, rubberized compacts also with protective plastic films over shadows.
The quality of these are no different to any other Authentic Becca product!


This beautiful Shimmery Golden Olive is one of my fave shadow shades right now, the only downfall, this product does not apply to the eyes like it swatches, it
gives sheer pigmentationTry this out with wet flat shadow brush

This is a deeper Gold shade with hints of Copper & Bronze micro-shimmer through it
This shade does apply better on the eyes than "Chintz" especially if you apply using your fingertips or a wet flat shadow brush!

As you can see they swatch beautifully & buttery
I may order a couple more to test out, for that price I can't say no to Becca!

And as for StrawberryNET, they guarantee authenticity of their stock, I've never had a problem with the products, sale items, discounted & damaged items (usually just a damaged box) or Unboxed items!

They offer Free Shipping when you purchase any beauty item,
Arrives to NZ within 1-2 weeks
(excl. Fragrances)
And also loyalty discounts + free gifts!

LucyLoves! xx

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