Sunday, 30 August 2015

COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Swatches & Review!

A few months ago, Colourpop Cosmetics released an entire range of 
their own liquid lipsticks - Ultra Mattes
Starting with 25 colours & they have just added 8 more!
From Classic Nude shades to Crazy Blues & Greens, 
And for $6 usd, they're worth trying!
These sold out within hours of being released!
So I managed to pick up 6 colours when the site restocked

Swatches & thoughts below!

I heard more about these from Manny (MannyMUA733) & TrendMood on their Snapchat stories!
So many colours to choose from, in a Liquid-to-Matte formula, all $6 usd EACH?!?
I had to try these for myself!
Liquid-to-Matte Lipsticks are all the rage this year & popping up everywhere!
Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Stila, LASplash, Dose of Colors & more
have all gone down the Matte road with stunning colours available!
Colourpop Cosmetics, by far, have the largest colour variety available & continue to create more, also are the most affordable on the market at $6 each
Colourpop never disappoint!


Top - Bottom

Limbo - Deep Chocolate Brown

Tulle - Dusty Mauve Burgundy

Bumble - Dusty Warm Terracotta

Pacific - True Bright Orange 

Trap - Dusty Grey Beige ("Greige")

Midi - Soft Neutral Beige


"Soft Neutral Beige"

This applies like a Neutral Peachy nude, 
yet once it dries Matte the colour changes slightly to a more pale mauve nude.

The formula of this is smooth & dries like nothing on your lips, very comfortable to wear & lasts hours!


"Dusty Grey Beige"

This shade is ultra popular at the moment, "Greige"
And Trap is exactly that, a Grey toned Beige.
Has a hint of Mauve on my skintone

It applies beautifully but can dry patchy & may need another layer once dried & can feel a tad cakey/tacky after a while because of that. Lasts hours also but I personally like to remove & reapply after eating.


"Dusty Warm Terracotta"

Bumble reminds me of the popular Kylie Jenner lip colour! Has less of that Terracotta tone on my skin but I've been wearing this one the most! 

The formula of this shade only requires a light layer of product, it can smear out of your lip line so I recommend a lip liner. But once it's dry, feels like nothing on your lips & lasts hours.


"True Bright Orange"

Ok, every girl needs a statement colour!
This shade is a stunning, almost Neon, Orange. Highly pigmented & perfect for Summer. I love this colour, but they have a shade "Succulent" that looks deeper & more wearable for darker skintones. 

One thing, the formula of this
After one layer, it dried patchy, I applied
another layer & this baby just crumbled off!
I think it's best to exfoliate lips first, apply super thin, let dry, and another thin layer.


"Dusty Mauve Burgundy"

This is more of a brown burgundy on my skin, I love this colour for Autumn/Winter
It reminds me of Anastasia Beverly Hills Limited Edition shade "Veronica", only a quarter of the price!

The formula of this shade is lovely, a lot like "Bumble" it feels like nothing on your lips, not drying & lasts hours, but I recommend a lip liner with this one. As you can see, it can dry patchy. So go for a thin layer, let dry, another thin layer.


 "Deep Chocolate Brown"

A Khloe Kardashian Brown!
I LOVE this shade, Deep Dark Chocolate, this has a perfect balance of cool/warm tones to make this shade ultra wearable for light-dark skin

The formula is slighty patchy, I think it happens with the deeper shades, but is easy to layer up the opacity & doesn't go crumbly or tacky. This shade does start to fade off in the centre after a while, but is still long-lasting

Now, I think you all need to go over to & check out the Ultra Matte range!
 For $6 you can't go wrong!
The pigmentation, formula, lasting power & colour range 
will have you wondering what you ever saw in $20 Liquid Lipsticks!
Also if you're interested in their Shadows, Blushes/Bronzers/Highlighters & Lippiestix, check out my last Colourpop Blog! Huge Haul Review with swatches
The addiction is real, once it starts, you'll want to buy everything!

LucyLoves! xx

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