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MAC Waterproof Foundation + Upward Lash Mascara Review

Review & First Impressions... 

MAC Cosmetics have recently added this Waterproof formula to their Pro Longwear collection.
Oil-Free & Hydrating, giving your skin a nourishing Medium to Full coverage, satin finish.
As a bonus, this foundation has added antioxidants & skin-repairing ingredients,
Caffine, Lecithin & Sodium-hyaluronate, provides instant & long-term hydration.
Available in 16 shades from nc/nw 15-50
$33 USD for 25ml product

Also new to MAC Cosmetics is the Upward Lash Mascara
A flake-proof & smudge-proof mascara that creates Volume, Length & Curl in seconds
The special moulded mini brush curls & pushes up the most horizontal hairs. 
at the same time reaching the base of the littlest lashes!
$22 USD for 12g product

First, lets start with the foundation...
Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation
Claims to be Medium to Full coverage with a satin finish that lasts up to 24hours
I can't say I've tested this over a 24hour period, but it definitely lasts throughout 
a work day & it didn't need touching up for hours! Even then I would just lightly
 powder around my nose & forehead if I looked oily.
Coverage? I don't know if it's Medium to Full coverage with the first application.. 
It gives the skin a sheer to medium coverage while blurring any imperfections thanks to the pigmentation of this product, but it is definitely buildable to a flawless full coverage!
It does have a beautiful natural, satin finish, not super dewy or matte 
Once applied it leaves the skin feeling slightly tacky & has the consistency of a light sunscreen
I do recommend setting this foundation with a powder!
Waterproof? This claim is a bit overstated..More Water Resistant
This won't necessarily last through a swim in the pool or at the beach,
but it will withstand tears, rain, humidity & sweating, 
while most other foundations will break up & streak in these conditions.
The only downfall is this foundation contains 25ml of product, 
5ml less than most other foundations for $30+
I like a buildable foundation so you can customise & get your preferred finish,
but if it contains less product & costs around the same, I would prefer to have a
fuller coverage that doesn't require using more product to build

Here is the packaging, very simple & nothing flashy
It's in a plastic, squeeze tube & that helps to control the amount of product you use.
As you can see above, the texture is lightly runny.
I purchased NC15 (I'm normally NC20, I will use this in the rainy/winter months)
And as always, I applied one side with a Beauty Blender & the other with a Flat Top brush

Beauty Blender: 
The only difference that noticed using the Blender was it soaked up more of the product, giving a less tacky feel & a lighter finish

Flat Top Brush:
I got a fuller coverage using the Kabuki Brush but I found it slightly harder to blend out..
I noticed it lasted longer throughout the day on the brush side.

NEXT Lets talk about the New Mascara!
Upward Lash Mascara
This is a product I'm excited to tell you about!
I've never tried a MAC mascara & haven't really heard much about them
but this one caught my eye mainly because of the packaging!
It looks like a longer MAC Lipstick in the black tube & bullet shaped lid
This product claims to be smudge & flake proof while creating Volume, Length & Curl in seconds
I has a special moulded brush with a hollow centre that holds mascara for instant lash building
The small rubberised bristles are perfect for coating each & every lash from base to tip.
I found the hollowed centre retained a lot of product. which made it hard to apply at first
It clumped up & took longer to dry because of the extra product on the brush..
It takes a little longer to separate the lashes on the first eye you apply too, there's no need to dip back
in the tube for the second eye..
Above is a close-up of the brush & bristles & a comparison in size next to a MAC lipstick.
I really love the effect this mascara gives! It reminds me of my fave Benefit Rollerlash
Both designed to lift & curl the lashes naturally, I think the Upward Lash brush works better at getting the base of the lashes lifting them & making them look super long!
I didn't experience flaking but it did smudge slightly under my eyes throughout the day..
For $22 USD you are receiving 12g (0.42oz) of product 
That's a decent amount of product for the price considering most mascaras range
 from $20-35 in US & give approx 9-10g (0.30oz) of product

Just for shade reference of the foundation
Available in 16 shades 
NC 15/ NW 15
NC 20/ NW 20
NC 25/ NW 25
NC 30/ NW 30
NC 35/ NW 35
NC 42/ NW 40
NC 45/ NW 45
NC 50/ NW 50

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