Thursday, 19 November 2015

ChiChi Cosmetics Brow Pomade Review

Possible Dupe for ABH Dipbrow?? 

Recently ChiChi Cosmetics added a new product to their line,
ChiChi Brow Pomade
"Waterproof, smudge free creamy formula that's an all-in-one brow product,
Smoothly glides onto skin & hair to sculpt, colour & shape natural defined brows"
Available in 6 hair shades - Blonde, Taupe, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, 
Dark Brown & Black Brown. All neutral toned to perfectly match real hair.
These are available in NZ from Farmers for $20.99 nzd
or Australia from Target, Priceline or online for $14.99 aud
Could this product be a great affordable dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow?
I've got application & colour (Taupe) comparisons below!

Just like the ABH Dipbrow, the Chichi packaging is a solid glass pot with 
a black twist on lid & brand logo on top.
They appear the same size, but ABH contains 4g of product, the ChiChi only has 2g.
I've had my Dipbrow for just over a year now & still have a fair amount left, 
it has dried out slightly compared to the consistency when I first used it.
I found the ChiChi pomade to be very creamy which makes it easy 
to apply & a little goes a long way!

Application Tips: 
Because this is a cream product, it's easy to pick up more then you need with your brush, 
swipe most of the product from your brush on the inside of the lid & then apply to brows, 
reapplying as you need to get the desired effect
this also helps to avoid the thick, blocky brow look, less is more!
I find it easiest to use a angled liner brush with stiff bristles for control 
& a spoolie on the other end to brush them into shape & soften the product where it needs it.

Before & After - ChiChi Brow Pomade

It's super long lasting & it is waterproof! It needs a good scrubbing to remove!
Once dry, it's smudge free & doesn't move! Very much like ABH Dipbrow
I chose the colour TAUPE - a light, ashy "mousey brown" shade & matches my brows perfectly!
There's no warmth in it, it's cool toned & very natural looking.
L - ABH Taupe. R - ChiChi Taupe

Next to each other, they're basically identical 
I'm very happy with the colour & how close it is to my Dipbrow Taupe.
I decided to try one side with ABH Dipbrow & the other with ChiChi pomade
I used the same technique & angled brush for both..
I did achieve a better finish with ABH but I guess that's what you're paying for,
I don't know if it's because my Dipbrow has dried out slightly..?
I'm still super happy with the finish I get with the ChiChi pomade as a cheaper alternative!

Before & After - Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow 

Before & After - ChiChi Cosmetics Pomade

LucyLoves! xx


  1. I really love the chi chi one, I havent tried ABH but I have found that the chi chi one is suuuuppper easy to use! Thanks so much for the review xx