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Kent&co. Nourishing Cleansing Oil Review

Handmade, Natural & Made in NZ!

About two months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Isha & BonnĂ©, 
the brains & beauties behind this amazing new, all-natural product!
Kent&co. Nourishing Cleansing Oil
Now I'm by no means a skincare expert, but I have noticed oil cleansers popping up 
everywhere lately as the best new makeup remover & everyday cleanser for all skin types!
I was lucky enough to pick the minds of these girls & hear all about the process &
 what got them started, the hiccups along the way & the final product - which I was lucky to 
receive in the mail a few weeks later to try out!
I love the rustic style of their packaging, in a cardboard box with brown paper wrapping 
& a rope string bow! Unique & simple but also cost effective & environmentally friendly!
The Oil is housed in a large 200ml glass bottle with a black pump & beautiful 
graphic design (mandala) on the front, hand drawn by Isha herself!
But what's inside..?
They have 4 different cleansers with a blend of oils to suit your skin type -
I personally have normal/combination skin so Isha recommended me the "Normal Skin" cleanser

Normal Skin Cleanser - Organic Sunflower & Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Lemon Essential Oil
Dry Skin Cleanser - Organic Sunflower & Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Lavender Essential Oil
Oily Skin Cleanser - Organic Sunflower Oil, Essential Oils
Unscented Cleanser -  Organic Sunflower & Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil

Completely Plant based ingredients, Does NOT contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), 
Parabens or any other nasties. Are cruelty free & handmade to order!

Why is Oil Cleansing so popular & SO much better for your skin..??
As we all know, our skin produces oils naturally to keep skin moisturised, among other reasons,
Most face washes & cleansers are formulated with harsh detergents & chemicals 
stripping the skin of its natural oils resulting in the body overproducing oil to replace lost moisture!
It's a never ending cycle!
Cleansing oil uses the good oils to remove the bad oils from your skin (sebum that hardens in your pores, along with dirt & toxins) & replaces it with nutrient-rich plant & seed oils that cleanse, 
detoxify & moisturise the pores & skin! For example - Castor Oil pulls out dirt & oil, so on its own can be very drying, balance by mixing with hydrating oils that penetrate the skin like Vitamin E!
How to use..?
Massage into the skin, oils in the cleanser grab on to surface impurities, pulling out dirt without 
clogging pores. Gently remove eye makeup by wiping oil covered hands down over your lashes to dissolve even the most stubborn waterproof makeup! Don't rub this area too hard! 
Simply rinse off with a warm faced cloth & be left with glowing, regenerated & hydrated skin!

After using this everyday, my skins texture & breakouts improved within a week.
It feels perfectly balanced, not too oily or dry.
And I've only gone through a 1/4 of the bottle so far, a little goes a long way!
I'm hoping they come up with a Plant based oil serum or moisturiser to finish my skin routine
with another natural, organic, NZ made product! Fingers crossed!

How much & where can I purchase..??
Kent&co. currently sell their products on
All are priced $15.99nzd + $5 shipping for New Zealand
They are working on worldwide shipping but currently ship to
New Zealand + Australia
USA + Canada
Europe + European Union
Kent&co. etsy store
Insta + Facebook - "Kent&co."

LucyLoves! xx

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