Wednesday, 24 February 2016

stila Cosmetics Aqua Glow Serum Foundation

Finally, I am back on the blog with a review for you guys!
I've had a lot going on the last couple of months & it's been hard to find some writing time,
but I'm here with a new Foundation to show you all, my fave makeup product to review.

Review w/ Before + After pics

Stila Cosmetics recently came out with a few new products, the Aqua Glow range.
Consisting of blushes, primer, concealer & the foundation. 
With new, innovative formulas - Water/Gel based & Serum like products.
The new products, as well as a few older ones (like the Liquid Lipsticks) have been
 repackaged in gold & have a new luxurious feel.
The golden new style is what caught my eye to this foundation, also the name -
Aqua Glow, Serum Foundation I thought "Serum Foundation? Hmm?"
In my Sephora cart it went and 
$45usd later, I hoped I would like it...
It's available in 10 shades (I got "Fair Light") & you get 30ml of product.
Stila promises Medium - Full buildable coverage with this foundation, 
and a natural, radiant finish. It has advanced multi-reflective colour pigments 
to instantly even skin tone & blur imperfections, pores & fine lines. 
With Ionized water, advanced Hyaluronic Acid & Essential minerals, 
the Serum formula helps hydrate and nourish for glowing skin with healthy radiance.

One cool thing about this foundation, it has a Drop Applicator & the pump
 rises when you twist open the lid! Very cool!

♥Before & After
So as usual, I applied with a Beauty Blender on one side, & Flat Top Brush on the other,
I used ONE pump for my whole face & am pretty impressed with the coverage!

      BEFORE                                                     AFTER

 Beauty Blender:

Medium coverage, evened out skin tone & blemish scarring is mostly covered.
 I feel the BB causes this foundation to sit on top of your skin as oppose to blending in & setting properly.
You can see above, the right side of my face is shinier & it felt like the foundation was slipping off my face

 Flat Top Brush

Full, Natural looking coverage, even skin tone & imperfections are covered. 
I definitely prefer using a brush with this foundation, it buffed & blended it in to my skin properly. You will however need to set it with a powder to ensure it lasts the day. 

It's very radiant & dewy, I wouldn't recommend this product for those with oilier skin. I have normal/combination skin & I still think this would be better for me in the colder months when my skin needs more hydration. At the moment it's Summer where I live & I can't say it lasts very long in the hot weather haha! I Love the finish & coverage, but I think the serum base causes the foundation to slip around, it feels like I've just put fresh beauty oil on that doesn't soak in...

For now I'm rating it 3/5 and will have to try it in Autumn/Winter

If you're interested in the Aqua Glow Blushes, check out my review 
on the one I got last year, very interesting idea for a blush..
Stila Aqua Glow Blush Review

LucyLoves! xx