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Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review

KvD X Beauty Blender complexion Set

It's here! Finally I'm getting around to writing this review on
Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation
I gave my skin a wee break from makeup this month to try
detox & replenish my pores, but I was dying to try this out the whole time!
I ordered from Sephora US and saw this "custom complexion set" complete with 
Beauty Blender & samples to try. Knowing I was in need of a new BB & also
 saving money with this set, I had to get it!
Available at Sephora
Lock It Foundation - $35usd (Sephora NZ $65nzd)
Beauty Blender - $20usd
KVD x BB set - $46usd (Sephora NZ $69nzd)

The set contains what is pictured above^ Lock It Foundation, Black BeautyBlender, 
sample of the Lock It Primer & sample of the Beauty "Blendercleanser"
Lets talk about the main product in this set, the Foundation of course!
Lock It Foundation - I'm sure you've heard of it before, it's been floating around
for a few years now & well known as a very Full Coverage, long-lasting, flawless foundation!
Is it really that good though?
Kat Von D did this collab with Beauty Blender because it's recommended as the best tool to apply this foundation with, to get the best results. 
I wanted to test the foundation using a BB on one side & Flat top brush on the other (as usual) but I also tried using the Lock It primer underneath on a different day, to see if it was needed.. Before & After pics below! 

Let me quickly mention the packaging of this foundation! It is, in typical Kat V fashion, so punky & cool! It has a pump dispenser, thick, double-lined plastic container with Kats tattoo style writing & roses all over. It feels very sturdy & strong, not heavy or breakable. One feature I love is the KvD dispenser cap, it stops product accidentally coming out & prevents messy situations in your makeup bag! (I did hear a rumour of a possible change of packaging, I'm unsure if the product itself has changed)

<-- This is one pump of the foundation, it's quite thick but spreads out & blends easily. I got full coverage on my whole face with this amount of product!

♥BEFORE & AFTER♥ (without Primer)
(not tanned, just different lighting)
This foundation promises a Full Coverage, 24 hour wear that is 
Oil-free & Transfer proof with a Matte finish, for ALL skin types.
Available in 19 shades, I chose Light 44 (Light Complexion w/ Beige undertones)
"Formulated with 21% pigment, this formula was developed with propriety pigments to match a broad range of skintones with bold, full coverage. Natural polymers absorb oil for a Matte, soft finish & added emollients provide a velvety texture for smooth, hydrated skin"

Flat Top Brush

Full coverage, but surprisingly still looks quite natural, imperfections & blemishes are covered. Blended out easily on my skin & lasted well, it didn't look cakey considering it's quite a thick foundation. I would recommend this technique for a night out or long event, if it suits your skin type, I imagine it could look cakey & accentuate drier skin types if applied with a brush.

Beauty Blender 

I can see why this is the recommended technique, using a damp Beauty Blender helps to easily blend out the thicker foundation while still keeping the pigmentation & coverage! My skin looks naturally flawless & the imperfections are covered. It lasted well & doesn't look as flat & matte in comparison to the brush side, the BB soaks up any extra foundation that would usually sit on top & cake up throughout the day. I would recommend using a Beauty Blender if you have drier skin or you're using this for everyday. 

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this product! It does everything it promises (except 24 hour wear, I have no idea about that haha) I didn't need to set with a powder afterwards & that's a bonus! I loved the finish using a Beauty Blender & this set is a fantastic idea. The only negative thing I can say, & it's completely personal opinion, but I don't like the smell! The box says fragrance free but it almost has a dirt or clay kind of smell? I can't really explain it... Now lets see if it looks any different using the Lock It Featherweight Primer underneath..

♥BEFORE & AFTER♥ (with Primer)
We all know how much it sucks to need two different products when you can probably get the same outcome using one! 
"A hydrating, water-based primer that's specially designed for long-wear foundations. Ultra-hydrating formula the preps your skin for perfect application & comfortable all-day wear. Milky texture infused with nourishing ingredients like Vit B5, aloe vera, jojoba & shea" Sounds great!...

Well, I'll admit, I LOVE the finish with the primer, it looks radiant & more natural but still has full, even coverage!
It made the foundation effortlessly blend on my skin (I used a brush for my whole face this day)
I would highly recommend trying the primer with this foundation if you have drier skin, with the hydrating ingredients I think it would make it much more workable for your skin type!

LucyLoves! xx

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