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Makeup Geek X Manny Mua Eyeshadow Palette Review

Swatches & Review

I'm back with another palette review for you all, & another MannyMua collaboration also!
MannyMua733 from Youtube has teamed up with Makeup Geek Cosmetics to
bring us one amazing palette with 9 "sickening" eyeshadows!
Four permanent shades from MUGs line & five brand new shades created by Manny himself! Price - $45usd + $10usd Intl shipping
I'm sure you've seen all the hype for this palette on the internet..
This was one hard makeup item to obtain! I was ready to order minutes before the pre-release, but obviously so were thousands of other Manny fans..6 hours later of refreshing with square eyes, I still could not get a Manny palette.. not until the next day when it was officially released, & only because I found a VIP pre-order link shared on someones Instagram..But I finally got it!!

So I placed my order, it was shipped the next day & arrived to me in NZ in just over
a week, but my heart broke opening the package..
One of the stunning foiled eyeshadows, Luna, was completely smashed in its pan
I knew Makeup Geek would happily replace it but it's just the annoyance of emailing & waiting for a reply & the replacement to arrive...& removing the broken shadow to put the replacement in, that was a difficult process..but when touching "Luna" you could tell how ultra soft & buttery the texture was, no wonder it smashed!
Other than that, the palette is absolutely stunning & I'm so proud of Manny & happy
 for his amazing successes in the last year! Makeup Geek have some of the best & most affordable eyeshadows around, so Manny would use them a lot on his YouTube channel & now he's collaborating to make his own! It's crazy
Artemis, Luna, Sora, Mars & Aphrodite are his own custom shades,
Beaches & Cream, Cosmopolitan, Frappe & Insomnia are all shadows from Makeup Geeks permanent line, they suit the palette & Mannys style perfectly!
The front of the palette has a shiny Rose Gold, Aztec style pattern & I love LOVE the box packaging with Mannys crescent moon logo & falling stars with the holographic colours. Also notice Mannys custom shadows all have names related to the sky & planets or Sailor Moon, his favourite childhood show. LOVE! 


Artemis (custom)
Beaches & Cream
Luna (custom)
Sora (custom)
Mars (custom)
Aphrodite (custom)

Artemis - One of Mannys custom shades, named after the white cat on Sailor Moon. This is a super pigmented frosty white gold with golden champagne shimmer, it makes a great highlight even for the cheekbones!
Beaches & Cream - A cult fave Makeup Geek shadow, a matte light peachy beige commonly used in the crease as a transition shade for deeper colours.
Luna - Another custom shadow by Manny, named after the black cat on Sailor Moon. This is a true Rose Gold in my opinion, perfect amount of bronze gold & soft pinky tones. It's a foiled shadow so it's super pigmented & metallic, & the consistency is so soft & buttery!
Cosmopolitan - A popular Makeup Geek shadow, this shimmery Rosy pink with golden reflects is much more pink & gold than "Luna" but still falls under the Rose gold category. Very pigmented & smooth texture
Sora - The third Manny shade, Sora is named after a character in Kingdom Hearts, another one of Mannys childhood loves. Sora is a delicious Matte, medium warm brown described as a "Earthy toned, Terracotta" Brown, perfect in the crease & lower lash line. The texture is so soft & buttery, very easy to blend!
Frappe - Another cult fave from Makeup Geek, a Matte medium neutral brown, another perfect shade to deepen the crease & lower lash line
Insomnia - One of Makeup Geeks popular new duochrome shades! Duochrome means you see two different colours & reflects in one shadow. This had a red brown shadow base with an intense blue foiled shimmer (similar to MAC Blue Brown pigment) Use on a wet brush for insane colour payoff!
Mars - The fourth custom shade from Manny, a Matte cherry red colour that's vibrant yet deep & sexy, you can do a lot with this shade! I noticed it has a drier, almost chalky texture BUT its still highly pigmented it just takes a little longer to blend out on the eye. Manny mentioned its typical for very pigmented red shades to have different textures & its harder to get the formula right.
Aphrodite - The last shade in the palette & last of Mannys colours, this is a deep matte chocolate brown with a plum base. OMG this shade blew me away, one swipe & the pigmentation!? Oh lordy! It's so soft & buttery, the prettiest dark brown shadow I've seen! I like to use it in the outer V & lower lash line

I love this palette & the colour selection, the way they all work so well together, the pigmentation & the textures of each shadow! I was only disappointed with Luna being broken but that's no big deal since it's been replaced. I paid approx $85nzd for this palette including shipping cost & have no regrets, she's beautiful.

I just received Shaaanxo's collaboration palette with BHcosmetics & it looks like
a pretty good affordable dupe for this palette! I'll check that out & post a review/comparison blog soon, keep an eye out on my Instagram!

LucyLoves! xx

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