Thursday, 5 May 2016

Shaaanxo X BH Cosmetics Palette!

                           Double-sided Palette! 9 Eyeshadows + 9 Lipsticks                           Swatches & Review

Yaaass I'm excited to review another collaboration product, this time with Shaaanxo!
One of my fave YouTubers has collaborated with the affordable makeup brand - BH cosmetics to bring us one amazing palette with two sides & 18 Shaaanxo approved colours!
9 Eyeshadows on one side, 9 Lipsticks on the other!
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this ingenious creation from Shannon, 
I love that she collabs with quality brands that are also super affordable,
This palette is currently $14.50 USD on special (normally $22 USD)
from the BH cosmetics website.! How can you not?

 I cant wait to show you the fun inside, but first I want mention something..
I ordered my palette the day it was released so I got one of the first palettes made,
everything was perfect except when I swatched the Lipsticks..the hot pink shade was very runny and appeared to have melted..I saw a few people had the same problem so I emailed BH letting them know & they were quick to sort the problem & sent me a replacement palette!
I figure, I don't really wear hot pink & the first palette is still fine for me to use soooo
I guess that means Giveaway!! Check out my Insta - Lucymaria_x, when I hit 3000 I'll post a giveaway to win this palette & a Kylie Lip kit of your choice! So make sure you follow me! ;)

Nine beautiful, neutral shadows, very Shaaanxo style - mattes, shimmers, warm tones
Love it! I heard a lot of people say it could be a dupe for Manny Muas palette with Makeup Geek, I personally think they're both pretty different but both worth getting! I think it's because of the duochrome shade in both palettes & the similar layout..
This is my first BH palette & I've heard they're pigmented but wow! For the price, these are really high quality & kind of shocked me.. They look quite vibrant in the pan, colours like the mustardy yellow & red brown are very bright in the pan but once you swatch or apply to eyes, the colours soften up & aren't as pigmented as what you see in the pan! This is a good thing, they still blend nicely and you're able to build up the colour. The shimmers on the other hand are as pigmented as they look in the palette, love them! Very soft & buttery
There are 4 mattes & 5 shimmers
Top - Bottom: Matte Cream, Shimmer Pale Gold, Shimmer Rose Gold, Matte Mustard Yellow, Shimmer deep Bronze, Matte burnt Red Brown, Shimmer cool Taupe, Shimmer Duochrome Red base with Green reflect, Satin Charcoal base with fine Purple shimmer.

And on the other side, nine beautiful, creamy lipsticks! Once again all very Shaaanxo, nudes, vibrants & sexy deeps. The colour range is perfect, every colour you could need, it's perfect for travelling! The texture is super creamy (minus the hot pink, that was melted) and OMG hello pigmentation!
I was pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation of the lipsticks, I mean the shadows were one thing but the lipsticks are just as awesome! The last colour is a deep cherry red & swatched slightly patchy but the rest got amazing colour pay off with one swipe. One thing I don't like is having to use a lip brush but I can live with that for the amazing value you get! I love LOVE the fact there is a mirror on both sides of the palette! ;)
Top - Bottom: Light Pink Nude, mid-tone Brown Nude, mid-tone neutral Pink, Pinky Coral, muted Lavender, Hot Pink, vibrant true Orange, blue-based cherry Red, deep Plummy Red

For $14.50 this palette is totally worth getting! I would have happily spent that on just the shadows in this palette. It's such a good value & would make a great starter palette for makeup beginners. It lets you be creative & trial new colours, there's a variety of looks in this palette waiting for you to try!

$14.50 + $7 shipping = $21.50 USD
Arrived to NZ in a week :)
Also for a Limited time they are adding a FREE eyeliner pen to every order of this palette!

LucyLoves! xx

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