Tuesday, 31 May 2016

SkinnyMe 14 day Teatox Results & Review

Ok, some of my Instagram followers will remember me posting about this a couple of weeks ago, SkinnyMe Teatox!
I picked up the 14day detox to start with & see how well it works. This is a two step program combining a Morning loose leaf tea & an Evening sachet tea designed to cleanse & detox your system in a natural & gentle way while giving you energy & suppressing those sugar cravings! So let's talk about the ingredients, taste, price & efficiency of this detox program, & of course Before & After pics!

Morning Tea (Before Breakfast) - Sencha Green Tea, Green Oolong Tea, Lemongrass, Artichoke Extract, Yerba Mate Leaf, Burdock Root, Dandelion Leaf, Calendula Flower, Blue Cornflower
This a loose leaf tea so you will need a tea strainer to drink it.
Stimulating & Uplifting, this blend contains antioxidants as well as added cleansing Artichoke booster to leave you feeling energised, hydrated & refreshed!

Evening Tea (Before Bed every 2nd Night) - Senna Leaf, Valerian Root, Celery Seed
Senna is a traditional herbal laxative used to support healthy bowel function, elimination & detoxification. Supports efficient cleansing of the digestive tract
Velarian & Celery combined calm the stomach & digestive system
Celery Seed is used to relieve inflammation, cleanse the blood & support the body's natural detoxification systems, eliminating metabolic waste & expelling excess fluid from the body.
Use every SECOND night, because of the laxative effect

  Left/Before - May 17th 2016       Right/After - May 31st 2016

As you can see, in the two weeks of using this tea, not a lot has changed haha so I made sure to weigh & measure myself for accurate results & there is a small difference!
Pre Teatox Weight - 67.5kgs/148lbs.  Measurments - Bust: 89-90cm Waist: 71cm Hips: 90cm
Post Teatox Weight - 65kgs/143lbs.  Measurements - Bust: 87cm Waist: 68cm Hips: 85cm
Now let's be honest here, I did not get a lot of exercise done in those two weeks! Very little actually haha my own fault completely & have no doubt I would have seen much better results had I done more :/ and I didn't change my diet much because I eat fairly healthy anyway, a lot of Chicken & Vegetables, eggs, salads & smoothies, so I'm pretty good with food but I can slip on the weekends!

I can say it definitely worked for cleansing my system, every morning after the Night tea I had to rush to the bathroom 2-3 times, so be mindful of this before work or important day events haha I did notice a lot more energy & it definitely suppressed my naughty food cravings during the day.
14day Teatox Program - $39.00AUD
28day Teatox Program - $65.00AUD
28day Evening Cleanse - $40.00AUD
Strawberry Strainer - $5.00AUD

In conclusion, I think I'll try the 28day detox & do it properly with a food plan & exercise, but other than that I'll be honest & say, I don't think you need this "Teatox".. I get the same results if I exercise more regularly (which they recommend) & drink Green Tea (helps weight loss & suppress cravings)
I can also get a good digestive detox/cleanse with Vegetable/Fruit Juicing for 3-5 days, but I recommend you read more about Juice Detoxing before trying ;)

LucyLoves! xx

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