Sunday, 19 June 2016

Jeffree Star Cosmetics BEAUTY KILLER Palette

Swatches & Review

Oh, Hi there pigmented eyeshadows, Hi cute pink palette, Hello Beauty Killer!
Jeffree Star is back at it again (or I should say never stopped) slaying our existence with his amazing products, and has just released the Beauty Killer, his very first eyeshadow palette! And biiiitch CAN WE JUST?!?!  The pops of colour, the glitter & of course the Hot Pink! If this palette doesn't scream Jeffree, I don't know what does.
"10 Jaw-dropping shades. Long-lasting. Buttery & delicious. Experience the formula"
This is a Vegan + Cruelty Free product permanent to Jeffree Star Cosmetics $45 USD
Available HERE
I missed out on the first release of this palette, it sold out so fast! But thankfully Jeffree restocks all the time & had more a few days later.. I placed my order & it took around 10 days to arrive to NZ :) I couldn't wait to play with this baby & try different colour combinations! But first - that packaging though?!? Ugh I love everything about Jeffrees packaging choices! His liquid lips are dressed in Hot Pink & Rose Gold and of course this palette follows suit with the outside box, but the palette itself is an adorable baby pink with gold edging & "Beauty Killer" in black calligraphy - LOVE! And one thing I love about Jeffree & his products, he knows what we want! Value for Money? Yes Ma'am, these eyeshadows are huge! Each pan has 0.09oz/2.52g of product which is a very generous size

In comparison - MAC singles 0.04oz/1.3g, Makeup Geek 0.064oz/1.8g, ABH singles 0.05oz/1.4g, Sugarpill 0.12oz/3.4g, KvD Metal Crush 0.10oz/2.8g

And Pigmetation? Another Yes Ma'am! You can see for yourself in the swatches below, these are some super pigmented shadows! Very buttery with extreme colour payoff in one swipe, but you will notice when using them there is some shadow fallout, which (let's be real) will always be the case with pigmented buttery shadows, other wise it becomes patchy & dry on the lid.. And these however blend like an absolute dream alone or with each other


Star Power - 
Matte Hot Pink
Princess -
Shimmer Lilac Silver
Violence -
Shimmer Pink based Violet
Rich Bitch -
Metallic Gold Glitter
Courtney -
Matte warm Peach Beige  
Expensive -
Shimmer bright Teal Blue
Confession -
Shimmer Rusty Burgundy
Vanity -
Matte cool Blackened Plum
China White -
Matte Off-White
Black Rainbow -
Matte Black + Rainbow Glitters
Star Power gives a pop of Jeffree realness in this Matte Hot Pink shade. This shade stained my hand it's so pigmented but don't fear, it won't stain your eyelids! Princess is a light Lavender/Lilac with an intense Silver shimmer. Violence is a shimmery pink based Violet, I've heard people say it's not a very pigmented Purple but it's true to colour in pan & has a consistent buttery texture. Rich Bitch is a glitter packed true Gold, I found this shade hard to apply unless using a wet brush, the texture is kind of chunky but swatches nice. Courtney is the perfect warm brown transition shade for the crease, the texture is so buttery it literally blends with 3 swipes of your brush. Expensive is the shade the made me get this palette, that crisp Teal Blue with diamond looking glitter, it looks "Expensive"! Nicely pigmented & creamy texture, it doesn't apply as shimmery on the lid unless using a wet brush. Confession is beautiful! A rusty Burgundy Red shade with intense shimmer, the same consistency as "Princess"& "Violence". Vanity is another matte shade, this pigmented cool-toned blackened plum is so pretty but I thought it was a little dry/patchy compared to the other mattes in this palette, but nothing major it just takes a few more swipes to blend. China Doll is a creamy off-white Matte perfect for all over the lid as a powder base, this shade is so buttery! The same consistency as "Courtney". Black Rainbow..omg I LOVE this shade! A Matte Black base with Rainbow glitters throughout. The glitters don't really show up when used dry, so you can have a matte black look or wet your brush and experience the rainbow glitter goodness!

If you ever had a thought of getting this palette, I definitely think you should! It's well worth the money and the investment, I guarantee you will love this palette and if you can't think of any looks using the colours, try some of these..

LucyLoves! xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Milani 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer Review!

I'm back with another Foundation review for you guys, this time it's an affordable one from the drugstore! Milani Cosmetics have recently come out with this new product, a 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer - CONCEAL + PERFECT promising to "Combat under eye circles, redness & other skin imperfections" with a Medium-Full coverage, lightweight longwear formula that is sweat-proof & water-resistant! So I put this foundation to the test for the first time using a Beauty Blender on one side & Flat Top Kabuki Brush on the other, like I usually do to see any differences in application.
I ordered mine in Creamy Vanilla 01 from BeautyJoint for $10.50 USD

"A no mess, no drip pump dispenses just the right amount needed to achieve a flawless look"
I love when a foundation bottle has a pump, it's much easier for applying! As you can see, this foundation is very thick & gloopy.. so I wouldn't agree with "lightweight" but this amount was perfect for covering my whole face with a natural finish & medium coverage. Add a little more to areas that need more coverage, this foundation is high in pigment so I doesn't take much to build up but because it's thick & oil-free, it starts to set on the face & can cake up, so apply and blend quickly! They have 14 shades available and I chose Creamy Vanilla 01 because that is (currently) the lightest shade and omg what a joke! It is seriously atleast 1-2 shades darker than my skin! I wear NC15-20 in MAC so I'm pretty fair, I also know a few people with even lighter skin so what would they use?! It also has a lot of warm yellowy pigments which tend to oxidise deeper also so that is a huge disappointment! I recommend mixing it with a lighter foundation, even a cream/moisturiser! It would also work to thin out the thick consistency.

Before & After
One side using a Beauty Blender, the other using a Flat Top Kabuki
So remember this foundation promised Med-Full coverage, Lightweight, Long Wearing,
Oil-Free and Sweet & Water Resistant!

Flat Top Brush

Medium coverage, blemishes are concealed & it looks very natural! I noticed with the brush it went patchy, hard to move and took longer to blend.. 

Beauty Blender 

Medium coverage, even finish, imperfections are concealed & natural finish. I definitely prefer using a beauty blender with this foundation! It was so much easier to blend out too

How did it hold up throughout the day? I can't say this foundation is very long-wearing or sweat-proof in my experience so far.. It faded on my forehead, chin & bottom of my cheeks. I would probably only wear this on a night out for dinner or the movies where I'm not out for too long & mainly because the shade is too dark haha overall I really like the flawless yet natural finish I get when applied with a BB but hate the fact this is the lightest shade available! I would wear it all the time if they had a good match.. :/  I wouldn't recommend trying if you're any lighter than NC15, but for the price I'm not bothered because I can play around & see if gets better.

Here's a few other shots where you can see the shade, it wasn't too bad in some light but then again..

LucyLoves! xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Big MAC Haul! Swatches & Mini Reviews

So a couple of weeks ago, MAC Cosmetics had a few different deals going on for their online customers, which some of you may know NEVER happens with MAC! I think they're starting to feel the pressure of competition from so many other amazing brands & are trying to up their game! Well it's about time in my opinion ;) 
So with offers like a Free Eyeshadow with your order and $10 off orders over $50, I placed a couple of orders & got some newer products + others I've been eyeing up!

I got some things I've been wanting for a while like "So Select" lipstick, which is an exclusive shade for select members on their site, and "Fascinating" Kohl Eyeliner, which is a White pencil liner Jeffree Star often uses in his waterline, it makes the eyes pop & look bigger!

So Select Lipstick
I really like this shade, it's a nice Matte formula, but I'll be honest it's nothing new.. Very on trend at the moment but it's just another Mauve Pink Brown/Nude.
Fascinating Eyeliner
My first MAC liner and it's so yummy and creamy to use I really like it! I never really wear liner in the waterline because I always get such watery eyes but this liner stays on, it doesn't irritate & is really soft to apply - no scratching or pulling. I got the idea to use this in the waterline from watching Jeffree Star on Youtube, it gives the illusion of bigger eyes & makes the colour really stand out!
I also picked up a couple of the new limited edition Mineralize Skin Finish highlighting powders "Other Earthly" & "Nuanced", they're so pretty I had to get them! Wait till you see the swatches ;)

Other Earthly
From the Future MAC Collection, this product caught my eye with the powder design & 3 stunning different highlight shades - Golden Bronze Shimmer, Soft Champagne Pink Sheen & Intense Silver Shimmer/Glitter. I really like applying the pinky shade with a touch of the silver on top, they look surprisingly natural on skin considering how "out there" they look in the pan haha
Another stunning highlight powder, this one has four different shades in one! Available in the lighter pink champagne shades perfect for fairer skin "Naunced" & one with deeper pink golden shades for darker skin tones "Perfectly Lit". Nuanced is described as Light rosy champagne with fine pink & gold pearl. I swatched all four mixed & separately, starting with them all mixed at the top & then the top two golden & bottom two pinker shades. This also gives a very pretty natural looking highlight
And I definitely had to order some things from the newer collabs! I always live for MACs limited edition collections & the packaging, how cool was Brooke Candy's collection! I was a bit late for the lipsticks but got my hands on "Whirl" lipliner, which I've wanted since Ky J made it popular, and "Pamela" one of the new Vamplify Lipglosses, the two are made for each other! And I fell for Chris Chang's artistic packaging also, but the colours were pretty crazy - Yellow + Green lipsticks, Blue + Pink eyeshadows etc, but I wanted one so bad! "Plum Princess" was the one shade I could imagine actually wearing, and it was one of the only Matte colours, which I prefer for a bold lipstick.

Brooke Candy Lip Combo
The Whirl Lipliner I found dry & pulling to apply, I've used better & I rarely ever use liners.. And the Vamplify Gloss, it's very pigmented & similar to Whirl in colour, it smells like vanilla cake & feels nice on the lips, not too sticky or thick

Chris Chang Plum Princess Lipstick
I love! The packaging is amazing & the colour is interesting & unique. It's like a mid-tone smokey/dusty Violet, it reminds me of Scorpio from Jeffree Star but lighter. It's a matte formula which like I said above, I prefer for bold lipsticks especially purples/blues/greens because you see the true colour in full opacity
And finally I got a Free Eyeshadow with one of my orders! You had the choice of I think around 15 shades, matte or shimmers. I chose "Mythology" because I often go for a coppery/bronze eye on the daily & thought this would be perfect! In hindsight I was I had picked "Carbon" because everyone needs a good matte black shadow in their collection & I have a million bronze shades haha -.-

Mythology Eyeshadow
I was quite underwhelmed with this shadow.. I mean it's a pretty eyeshadow, it's pigmented, it's shimmery & bronze, but it didn't amaze me for a MAC product..It felt kind of dry & flaky, not buttery & smooth. I have definitely seen & used better eyeshadows for the same price or less! (eg. Makeup Geek is way up there if not better in my opinion)

LucyLoves! xx

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Swatches & Review

It's finally time to review this baby & show you guys the swatches!
I know it's taken awhile to get around to this palette, I didn't know if it was worth doing when you can't purchase it anymore BUT it's coming back! Hopefully in the next few months this palette will be back in stock & possibly/hopefully permanent to Too Faced Cosmetics! This palette was released mid March this year & sold out like hot cakes in minutes. I was SO lucky that my order went through when the site was crashing, what a nightmare! haha Jerrod Blandino, the founder & creator of Too Faced Cosmetics, has been talking about the hype & demand of this palette & is working very hard to bring it back for us! The packaging is to die for & it legit smells like delicious peaches, but is it worth all the hype???
Lets talk about the quality & shades in this peachy goddess & you can decide if you need it
I'm not gonna lie, I definitely bought this because of the sick ombre packaging! Is it not the coolest looking palette?! I didn't even care what was inside :| haha of course being a Too Faced product, I knew it would have great high quality colours!
I first want to touch base on a few things I saw people say about this palette like "There aren't many Peach shades for a peach palette" or "I feel like it was just thrown together in a pretty package" I totally understand what people mean when they say that, I initially thought the same thing! But when I got it in my hands, the colours & smell - it really reminds me of a fruit orchard! 
There are about 3-5 peachy shades, depending on what you consider "Peach", some creams & golds, a couple of warm mattes, some plummy shades & a random olivey green... I see all kinds of peaches in this palette - Golden Peach, Pink Peach, Bruised Peach, Rotten Peach haha & even the Peach stalk (the green) It screams Peach orchard to me! I think in hindsight it would've made a really nice 9 colour palette, like Too Faced have a few of...but I'm not complaining, I love this thing!

First row:

White Peach - Sheen Cream White 

Luscious - Metallic Rose Gold

Just Peachy - Satin Pink with Golden Shimmer

Bless Her Heart - Satin Olive Green with Golden Shimmer

Tempting - Sheen Black with fine Golden Glitters

Charmed, I'm Sure - Matte Mid-tone Brown with a slight Sheen
Second row:

Nectar - Intense Metallic Yellow Gold 

Cobbler - Metallic Rosy Bronze 

Candied Peach - Matte Coral with fine Pink & Gold Glitters (not impressed with this one..)

Bellini - Metallic Golden Pink (almost duochrome!)

Peach Pit - Sheen Plum Brown with Violet Golden Shimmer

Delectable - Matte deep Violet with slight Sheen

Third row:

Peaches 'n Cream - Matte Peachy Beige 

Georgia - Matte soft Neutral Pink

Caramelized - Metallic Brown-based Bronze

Puree - Matte warm Caramel Brown

Summer Yum - Matte warm Terracotta Brown

Talk Derby To Me - Matte Black base with Purple Micro-Glitters

As you can see, this palette has 18 shadows! Two more than the other "bar" palettes from Too Faced, which each have two larger shadow pans containing highlight shades. I personally like the larger highlight pans in the other palettes, it's nice to have more of what you use most & you could also use them as face highlights.. But aside from that, lets talk about the overall quality of these shadows! In classic Too Faced fashion, the shimmers/metallic shades are TO DIE FOR - Buttery, pigmented & a smooth consistent blend, Perfect! The mattes are usually a bit dry & take longer to blend out but these are beautiful! "Puree" & "Summer Yum" are both so smooth & blend like a dream in the crease, "Peaches 'n Cream" & "Georgia" are also very smooth & make great transition shades. I only have a problem with two of the shadows - "Candied Peach" & "Talk Derby To Me"..You can probably see from the swatches, they are so dry they swatch super patchy :/ I really liked the look of "Candied Peach" in this palette & it's one of the few Peach shades, I thought they should have worked harder on this one being a staple in a predominantly peach palette..Also "Talk Derby To Me", I'll be honest Too Faced never really make super pigmented violet/purple shades, though "Delectable" is up there! "Talk Derby To Me" is another patchy shadow.. I feel like the matte base is too drying to hold all the glitters, it might work a lot better using a wet brush to apply..

So I guess it depends on whether or not you like the colours & how much you like peaches?
I can definitely use this palette everyday, I can imagine using all of the colours together or with others, I don't think it's too much like the chocolate bar palettes but I don't think it's a must have either! 
This palette is $49 USD and is currently unavailable for purchase..
It was Limited Edition but I think they're in the process of making it permanent!
Follow me on Instagram for updates on when it will be back - LucyMaria_x

Two simple eye looks from this palette to show you don't always have to go for peach ;)

LucyLoves! xx