Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Milani 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer Review!

I'm back with another Foundation review for you guys, this time it's an affordable one from the drugstore! Milani Cosmetics have recently come out with this new product, a 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer - CONCEAL + PERFECT promising to "Combat under eye circles, redness & other skin imperfections" with a Medium-Full coverage, lightweight longwear formula that is sweat-proof & water-resistant! So I put this foundation to the test for the first time using a Beauty Blender on one side & Flat Top Kabuki Brush on the other, like I usually do to see any differences in application.
I ordered mine in Creamy Vanilla 01 from BeautyJoint for $10.50 USD

"A no mess, no drip pump dispenses just the right amount needed to achieve a flawless look"
I love when a foundation bottle has a pump, it's much easier for applying! As you can see, this foundation is very thick & gloopy.. so I wouldn't agree with "lightweight" but this amount was perfect for covering my whole face with a natural finish & medium coverage. Add a little more to areas that need more coverage, this foundation is high in pigment so I doesn't take much to build up but because it's thick & oil-free, it starts to set on the face & can cake up, so apply and blend quickly! They have 14 shades available and I chose Creamy Vanilla 01 because that is (currently) the lightest shade and omg what a joke! It is seriously atleast 1-2 shades darker than my skin! I wear NC15-20 in MAC so I'm pretty fair, I also know a few people with even lighter skin so what would they use?! It also has a lot of warm yellowy pigments which tend to oxidise deeper also so that is a huge disappointment! I recommend mixing it with a lighter foundation, even a cream/moisturiser! It would also work to thin out the thick consistency.

Before & After
One side using a Beauty Blender, the other using a Flat Top Kabuki
So remember this foundation promised Med-Full coverage, Lightweight, Long Wearing,
Oil-Free and Sweet & Water Resistant!

Flat Top Brush

Medium coverage, blemishes are concealed & it looks very natural! I noticed with the brush it went patchy, hard to move and took longer to blend.. 

Beauty Blender 

Medium coverage, even finish, imperfections are concealed & natural finish. I definitely prefer using a beauty blender with this foundation! It was so much easier to blend out too

How did it hold up throughout the day? I can't say this foundation is very long-wearing or sweat-proof in my experience so far.. It faded on my forehead, chin & bottom of my cheeks. I would probably only wear this on a night out for dinner or the movies where I'm not out for too long & mainly because the shade is too dark haha overall I really like the flawless yet natural finish I get when applied with a BB but hate the fact this is the lightest shade available! I would wear it all the time if they had a good match.. :/  I wouldn't recommend trying if you're any lighter than NC15, but for the price I'm not bothered because I can play around & see if gets better.

Here's a few other shots where you can see the shade, it wasn't too bad in some light but then again..

LucyLoves! xx

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