Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Swatches & Review

It's finally time to review this baby & show you guys the swatches!
I know it's taken awhile to get around to this palette, I didn't know if it was worth doing when you can't purchase it anymore BUT it's coming back! Hopefully in the next few months this palette will be back in stock & possibly/hopefully permanent to Too Faced Cosmetics! This palette was released mid March this year & sold out like hot cakes in minutes. I was SO lucky that my order went through when the site was crashing, what a nightmare! haha Jerrod Blandino, the founder & creator of Too Faced Cosmetics, has been talking about the hype & demand of this palette & is working very hard to bring it back for us! The packaging is to die for & it legit smells like delicious peaches, but is it worth all the hype???
Lets talk about the quality & shades in this peachy goddess & you can decide if you need it
I'm not gonna lie, I definitely bought this because of the sick ombre packaging! Is it not the coolest looking palette?! I didn't even care what was inside :| haha of course being a Too Faced product, I knew it would have great high quality colours!
I first want to touch base on a few things I saw people say about this palette like "There aren't many Peach shades for a peach palette" or "I feel like it was just thrown together in a pretty package" I totally understand what people mean when they say that, I initially thought the same thing! But when I got it in my hands, the colours & smell - it really reminds me of a fruit orchard! 
There are about 3-5 peachy shades, depending on what you consider "Peach", some creams & golds, a couple of warm mattes, some plummy shades & a random olivey green... I see all kinds of peaches in this palette - Golden Peach, Pink Peach, Bruised Peach, Rotten Peach haha & even the Peach stalk (the green) It screams Peach orchard to me! I think in hindsight it would've made a really nice 9 colour palette, like Too Faced have a few of...but I'm not complaining, I love this thing!

First row:

White Peach - Sheen Cream White 

Luscious - Metallic Rose Gold

Just Peachy - Satin Pink with Golden Shimmer

Bless Her Heart - Satin Olive Green with Golden Shimmer

Tempting - Sheen Black with fine Golden Glitters

Charmed, I'm Sure - Matte Mid-tone Brown with a slight Sheen
Second row:

Nectar - Intense Metallic Yellow Gold 

Cobbler - Metallic Rosy Bronze 

Candied Peach - Matte Coral with fine Pink & Gold Glitters (not impressed with this one..)

Bellini - Metallic Golden Pink (almost duochrome!)

Peach Pit - Sheen Plum Brown with Violet Golden Shimmer

Delectable - Matte deep Violet with slight Sheen

Third row:

Peaches 'n Cream - Matte Peachy Beige 

Georgia - Matte soft Neutral Pink

Caramelized - Metallic Brown-based Bronze

Puree - Matte warm Caramel Brown

Summer Yum - Matte warm Terracotta Brown

Talk Derby To Me - Matte Black base with Purple Micro-Glitters

As you can see, this palette has 18 shadows! Two more than the other "bar" palettes from Too Faced, which each have two larger shadow pans containing highlight shades. I personally like the larger highlight pans in the other palettes, it's nice to have more of what you use most & you could also use them as face highlights.. But aside from that, lets talk about the overall quality of these shadows! In classic Too Faced fashion, the shimmers/metallic shades are TO DIE FOR - Buttery, pigmented & a smooth consistent blend, Perfect! The mattes are usually a bit dry & take longer to blend out but these are beautiful! "Puree" & "Summer Yum" are both so smooth & blend like a dream in the crease, "Peaches 'n Cream" & "Georgia" are also very smooth & make great transition shades. I only have a problem with two of the shadows - "Candied Peach" & "Talk Derby To Me"..You can probably see from the swatches, they are so dry they swatch super patchy :/ I really liked the look of "Candied Peach" in this palette & it's one of the few Peach shades, I thought they should have worked harder on this one being a staple in a predominantly peach palette..Also "Talk Derby To Me", I'll be honest Too Faced never really make super pigmented violet/purple shades, though "Delectable" is up there! "Talk Derby To Me" is another patchy shadow.. I feel like the matte base is too drying to hold all the glitters, it might work a lot better using a wet brush to apply..

So I guess it depends on whether or not you like the colours & how much you like peaches?
I can definitely use this palette everyday, I can imagine using all of the colours together or with others, I don't think it's too much like the chocolate bar palettes but I don't think it's a must have either! 
This palette is $49 USD and is currently unavailable for purchase..
It was Limited Edition but I think they're in the process of making it permanent!
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Two simple eye looks from this palette to show you don't always have to go for peach ;)

LucyLoves! xx

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