Friday, 22 July 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Palette Review & Swatches

I've been trying to write this review all week but life caught up with me, as it does..
Anyway I can't wait to show you all swatches of this palette! It's so beautiful :D
Modern Renaissance 
"An essential eye shadow collection featuring 14 shades, including neutral & berry tones. Create endless looks for daytime & evening with Anastasias first Permanent eye palette"
Highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula, 11 mattes + 3 metallics & dual-sided eye brush.
If any of you have had the chance to try ABH eye shadows, you'd know they are amaaaazing! Though I'm not a huge fan of berry tones & the first few reviews I had heard were of people saying how many berrys & red shades were in there, but knowing how good the ABH shadows are I had to own this palette! And once I got it, there actually aren't too many berry shades.. three? The rest are beautiful neutral shimmers, warm earthy colours, a couple of cooler toned mattes. I'm so in love & it actually can be very versatile, if you use that creative mind of yours! ;) The palette is available for $42usd
I got my palette from, just a quick shout out to this website, you must check them out! Free Shipping to NZ on orders over $50usd & they have a payment plan! If you want a few things that make your order over $100usd, but you can't pay for it, the payment plan allows you to pay in three payments, one week a month for three months. It's awesome, I was able to pick a few other products up I haven't tried yet, without breaking the bank!

Anyway back on to the Modern Renaissance, I definitely have to mention the packaging for this palette.. If you know me, you'll know I'm an absolute sucker for great packaging! This palette is covered in faux lavender/lilac suede.. I can't.. I'm totally obsessed with suede this season & that is another reason I had to have this palette! Plus the little dual sided brush, that comes with each ABH palette, is actually really nice & handy to have.
Let's look at the swatches, as per usual, the quality of the shadows are amazing

Left side:
Tempera - Velvety Beige with a matte finish (hard to see on my skin)
Golden Ochre - Earthy Yellow with a matte finish
Vermeer - Iridescent shell with a metallic finish
Buon Fresco - Antique Lavender with a matte finish
Antique Bronze - Metallic sable brown with a satin finish
Love Letter - Raspberry with a matte finish
Cyprus Umber - Dark coffee with a matte finish
Right side:
Raw Sienna - Neutral caramel with a matte finish
Burnt Orange - Mid-tone neutral orange with a matte finish
Primavera - Shimmery gold with a metallic finish
Red Ochre - Earthy Red Brown with a matte finish
Venetian Red - Crimson berry red with a matte finish
Warm Taupe - Earthy Grey with a matte finish
Realgar - Brick orange with a matte finish

Tempera, as you can see (or can't see haha) it's basically the same colour as my skin, just a matte light beige, nicely pigmented as works great as a base shadow or brow bone highlight
Golden Ochre, this is kind of like a light muted mustard colour with a matte finish it works great in the crease as a transition shade for the other colours in the palette
Vermeer, very pretty iridescent pearly shade, like a pinky champagne with a metallic finish, this of course looks great on the lid or inner corner, and even a light wash over the brow bone to highlight.
Buon Fresco, this is a very pretty cool toned matte, a light muted lilac or lavender shade, nice in the crease for a cool transition, or on the lid for a soft pastel smokey eye
Antique Bronze, love this metallic sable brown shade, it has some violet looking shimmers as well as bronze against a brown base, so pretty for a smouldering eye look 
Love Letter, Raspberry matte, what else can I say? It's a deepish pinky purple red with a matte finish, looks amazing with just about everything else in this palette but is the only one I found a little dry..
Cyprus Umber, love loove this cooler toned, dark coffee shade, it's so matte, so pigmented, so buttery and blends like a dream. Make sure to only use small amounts at a time
Raw Sienna, this is the perfect crease/transition shade we all love, a matte neutral caramel shade that works well with all the other shades in this palette
Burnt Orange, another shade I love, a muted mid-tone orange matte shade that is great in the crease, looks amazing with the other warm shades in this palette and really makes blue eyes pop!
Primavera, this is my favourite shade in the palette, I love a good gold eye shadow & this shimmery gold with a metallic finish does not disappoint, its very nicely pigmented
Red Ochre, another beautiful warm matte in this palette like burnt orange but a deep earthy reddish brown, so pigmented & looks beautiful used for a cut-crease or on the lid as a burgundy smokey eye
Venetian Red, like Love Letter but more red and not as dry, described as a crimson berry matte shade, buttery & nicely pigmented
Warm Taupe, earthy grey, taupe brown shade, another handy matte shade to have for the crease or transition shade. Use it with the raspberry shades to create a sexy candy eye
Realgar, this is my FAVE shade it's so beautiful, a true brick orange with a matte finish. This is another buttery, highly pigmented matte and looks great with shades like Red Ochre, Cyprus Umber, Burnt Orange and Antique Bronze.

What more can I say to convince you that you need this palette!? It's pigmented, it's buttery, it has variety with warm, cool & neutral tones & shimmers. The palette itself is beautiful and it's at a really decent price point, especially if you're ordering from Beautylish 

LucyLoves! xx

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