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Smashbox Lighting Theory palette

Swatches & Review

I'm back with another palette review & some gorgeous swatches to satisfy your beauty needs. - Smashbox Master Class Lighting Theory Palette
I couldn't wait to review this palette & show you guys the colours, I love Smashbox Master Class palettes, I also have the Master Class 2 palette & Master Class Colour & Contour palette & the variety you get in one palette make these, in my opinion, some of the best "Value for Money" palettes out there!
This new Lighting Theory palette has everything you need! -
16 Powder Eyeshadows
3 Powder Blushes
3 Cream Shimmer Highlighters
3 Contour Creams - Bronzer, Contour & Highlight
4 Colour Correcting Creams - Lavender, Green, Peach & Orange
"A face palette to create an even complexion, add depth & dimension, cast a high-voltage glow, & achieve eye looks for any occasion" All in one super secure, holographic case for $65USD at Sephora 
The packaging though?! When I said super secure, I meant super secure! This baby is definitely going to keep everything inside of it safe & protected, making it perfect for travel. And it's holographic! The only problem is it's quite bulky, but with the amount of product in there, you wouldn't need to carry much more makeup anyway! And as you can see below, both palettes inside clip in & out of the case itself so you can change them around, or if you have any of the other palettes with the same design eg. MC3, you can swap the inserts around & take the two you would use most.
 As always, Smashbox threw in a few instruction cards to help guide you through colour correcting & how/where to use each one


Cream Colour Correctors:

Lavender - Corrects any yellowness/dullness areas of the face
Green - Corrects any redness (acne blemishes/scarring, rosacea etc)
Peach - Corrects dark spots for fair to Medium skin tones (under eyes etc)
Orange - Correct dark spots for darker skin tones

Cream Contour & Highlighters:

Contour - Add shape & definition
Bronzer - Add sunkissed warmth
Highlight - Brighten areas of the face
Luminous Pink, Gold & Peach - Shimmery highlights create a dewy glow

The first four are the colour correctors, all very pigmented & super creamy. If you remember the colour wheel from art class at school, you'll always remember how to use these on your face. The lavender brightens up any dull, tired looking areas of the face, purple is opposite to yellow meaning purple will neutralise any yellowness on your face. The green will help to counteract any redness on your face, this shade is also very creamy but could be a little too smooth because it moves around blemishes easily when blending over it, it may be better used for redness on the cheeks/face as appose to blemishes that tend to have more redness.. The peach is great for dark under eyes on fairer skin, I like to mix it with a little bit of the orange shade if they're a deeper purple & are harder to cover, the peach is slightly too light I think.. And the orange is great for darker skin tones to correct blue/deeper purple under eyes or mix with the peach shade to get your preferred coverage. Both are super creamy & blendable. The next three are the defining shades. The contour shade is so creamy & blends smooth & evenly for a perfectly cut contour using a sponge or brush! It's a good shade, not warm but not too cool either, but could be too light for anyone with deep skin tones..The bronzer I haven't tried on it's own, I mixed a little with the contour shade & it looked great adding just enough warmth. It's quite a golden brown & would give the face a nice sunkissed glowy tan. I must try it alone this summer! The highlight is actually more of a light banana cream & works great for highlighting areas of the face like under the eyes, centre of the forehead, nose & chin. This was the only cream that was a little harder to blend, not much! Just not as smooth as all the others.. And finally, the luminous highlighting creams. These are very soft & natural looking, they give a glow from within, but pop some powder highlight on top & BAM! Glowing for gods baby!


Sand - Pastel Beige Matte
Totally Nude - Pinky Beige Matte
Nectar - Peach Matte
Almond - Warm Nude Matte
Truffle - Taupe Matte
Light Wave - Midtone Brown Metallic
Sunrise - Warm Gold Metallic
Sunlight - Rose Gold Metallic

Optics - Deep Grey Metallic
Metallic Violet - Deep Purple Metallic
Metallic Bronze - Bronze Metallic
Metallic Brick - Red Brown Metallic
Nocturnal - Navy Metallic
Blackout - Black Matte
Sumatra - Dark Brown Matte
Backlit - Black with Red Pearl Metallic


Candlelight - Midtone Pink Matte
Carnation - Light Pink with Gold Pearl
Spectrum - Midtone Brown Pink

As you can see, the eyeshadows are insanely pigmented! They're so smooth & swatched like butter on my arm. The colours are to die for & there's probably every shade you need to create endless looks for daytime to evening. Mattes & Metallics, light transition shades & deep smokey shades. There is a bit of fallout with these shadows because they're so soft. The blushes are the same, so smooth & pigmented. Compared to the Smashbox Masterclass 3 palette, there are only 5 double ups - Nectar, Nocturnal, Blackout, Sumatra & Carnation blush. I like to swap around the inserts between both palettes, say the neutral shadow palette from MC3 & the cream contour side from the Lighting Theory. Clip them both in one case & away you go!

(Top is Masterclass Lighting Theory, Bottom is Masterclass 3)

I highly recommend getting a Masterclass palette for yourself one day, the pigmentation & variety for the price is unreal! This entire palette was only $65USD & totally worth it because it's valued at $399!

"Every formula in this palette - from colour-correcting & contouring creams to high-voltage highlighters & velvety shadows - was designed to demystify contouring & simplify strobing for everyday looks that stand out under office or evening lights" - Smashbox

LucyLoves! xx

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