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Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation & Concealer

My favourite kind of blog to write is a foundation review, and today we're looking at two of Tarte Cosmetics products, part of their Rainforest of the Sea range, water-based Foundation & Concealer! Both contain 20% water to hydrate dry skin as they mask redness, dark spots & uneven skin tone. Water based products don't work well with silicone (primers, beauty oils etc) so try to use these with other water based products. With concentrated levels of pigments, these products offer a lightweight medium to full coverage that should last up to 12 hours. Plus packed with Tarte's antioxidant Rainforest of the Sea complex & non-chemical SPF 15 sunscreen, the hypoallergenic formula helps to brighten, restore & protect skin!

Rainforest of the Sea Foundation 
1oz - $39.00USD
Luxurious frosted glass bottle with a voilet to gold ombre pump lid & a dropper applicator. I'm not a big fan of the dropper applicator after trying Stila's Aqua Glow foundation, it's just annoying & can get very messy.
Tarte recommends 1-2 drops for Light coverage 
Or 3-4 drops for Medium to Full buildable coverage
Pump Lid
Drop Applicator
♥ Before & After
I got the shade Fair Neutral, the lightest shade available for fair skin with yellow & pink undertones. As always, I tried this foundation one side with a Beauty Blender & the other with a flat top kabuki to see the difference in coverage & longevity.

Beauty Blender:
Medium coverage, natural radiant finish, smoothed over imperfections & pores. It blends like a dream with a beauty blender & I actually noticed better coverage & buildability possibly because the dampness of the sponge works so well with the water base in the foundation & doesn't soak most of it up. 

Flat Top Brush
Medium coverage also with a natural radiant finish. This foundation blends out so smoothly it just glides over imperfections! The lightweight hydrating formula looks like skin & retains radiance even after setting with a powder. Using a brush gave pretty similar results to using a sponge for me, only it's a little faster to blend over the face.

I personally love LOVE the finish if this foundation! The water base hydrates the skin giving it radiance, settling to a demi-matte finish giving it that natural appearance. It blends out easily using a brush or sponge & has the same results. It glides over imperfections leaving the face looking flawless & smooth. I like the fact it can be worn light but it's easily buildable to a full coverage. It doesn't patch up or cling to dry patches (unless using the wrong primer/skincare) & lasts well throughout the day without fading off. My only negative is the drop applicator as it's very messy & inefficient.

Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer Concealer 0.34oz - $26.00USD
Similar luxe packaging to the foundation but has a large doe foot wand applicator making it super easy to apply in desired areas - under eyes, forehead, chin etc to mask redness, dark spots & acne or to brighten under the eyes. This concealer is HUGE you get a massive 0.34oz of product, but it smells horrible & strongly of chemicals but that doesn't last once blended out.
 Doe Foot Applicator
♥ Before & After
I got the shade Fair for fair skin with pink undertones, the lightest shade available. I also applied this concealer one side with a Beauty Blender & the other with a flat top kabuki to see the difference.. Pictures show before foundation, with foundation & then with concealer.

Beauty Blender:
Medium coverage, natural finish but a little creasy because of the water formula, the damp sponge doesn't soak up much of the excess. It was easy to blend with a beauty sponge but I noticed only a little dark-circle coverage & brightening, nothing outstanding. 

Flat Top Brush
Medium to Full coverage, natural finish, it can be a little dry under the eyes because it's quite a thin consistency & kind of settles into fine lines if not set quickly with a powder. Remember! If you already have fine lines or naturally creasing eyes, there is nothing to avoid a concealer creasing on top of it.. It blended easily with the brush & gave better coverage with a smoother, brighter appearance. 

I like this concealer, it blends in well with the foundation, it smooths & brightens but I wouldn't recommend it for people with dark-circle concerns or to cover imperfections flawlessly.. It's thin so it doesn't go cakey but its slightly dry so not the best to build up on itself. The smell is something I really don't like and I feel could have been avoided, but thankfully it doesn't hang around after blending. I love that you get so much product in the bottle & I quite like the big doe foot for quick easy application.
How I apply my concealer before blending

Overall, I love the foundation and have been rocking it everyday, even on nights out, and I like the concealer but I don't think it's anything amazing, just the fact you get a huge 0.34oz for the price.
Foundation - 4.5/5
Concealer - 3/5
What foundation or concealer would you like me to test & review next!? Leave a comment here or on my Instagram - Lucymaria_x

LucyLoves! xx

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