Sunday, 27 November 2016

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection Haul

Review & Swatches

OH YES! When I heard this collection was coming out, I knew I'd have to make a purchase. I've always been a fan of Hello Kitty & I love Colourpop so this collab was super exciting to see.
With the red, white & blue theme, it works in well with everything happening in the US at the moment, very patriotic! I would like to of seen different coloured product packaging as appose to the usual white, but the lip products do have cute bows etched into the lids for something different. 
This collection is of course, limited edition, like everything these days.. And Colourpop always have new products & collections coming out so I'm not sure how long these will be around, get in quick to get your hands on some cute Hello Kitty prods! 
I jumped on the Colourpop Cosmetics website the day of the release & I couldn't help myself, with all the excitement I bought nearly everything from the collection!

The Hello Pretty Kit

Bento Shadow
Sticker Sheet Shadow
Juicy Apple Shadow
Fun With Friends Blush
Yummy Cookies Highlighter
Ribbon Ultra Matte
KT Shimmer Lipgloss

All for $42USD packaged in a cute box with a mirror inside

Bento Box shadow - Pearlized finish Smokey Blue Gunmetal
Sticker Sheet shadow - Satin finish Cool-toned Taupe
Juicy Apple shadow - Glitter Sheer finish soft Gold topped with Gold Glitter
Fun With Friends blush - Pearlized finish Mid-tone Warm Pink
Yummy Cookies highlighter - Pearlized finish Light Peach with a flip of Silver
KT lipgloss - Sheer Light Gold sprinkled with Pink & Gold Glitter
Ribbon liquid lipstick - Ultra Matte true Blue based Red

Mama's Apple Pie Shadow Set

4 shimmery super shock shadows in
Friendship File
Small Gift
School Bus

All for $18USD 

Rainbow shadow - Glitter Sheer White with highlights of Silver & Pink Glitter

Friendship File shadow - Metallic finish warm Peachy Beige with Silver & Pink Glitter

Small Gift shadow - Pearlized finish mid-tone Peachy Pink

School Bus shadow - Pearlized finish Deep Navy Blue

Hello Kitty Collection Singles

I also picked up a couple of the single products, there's more than this too!

Tiny Chum Ultra Satin Lip
Supercute Ultra Glossy Lip
Coin Purse Blush
School Is Fun Highlighter

Lip Products are $6 each
Face Products are $8 each

School Is Fun highlighter - Pearlized finish Soft  Iridescent Duo-Chrome Gold

Coin Purse blush - Satin finish Bright Cool-toned Rosy Pink (the site says it's matte, but it's definitely not!)

Supercute lipgloss - Sheer finish Warm Pink doused with Pink Glitter

Tiny Chum liquid lipstick - Satin finish Cool-tone Nude Pink

Overall, I LOVE this collection! Everything from the shade choices to the packaging is on point. The prices are honestly insane, so affordable for great products. I've said this before about Colourpop, I love everything I've tried from the brand so far, except the Matte shadows.. I just don't find they blend very easily in the crease & take a lot of work buffing. Good thing is, there aren't any mattes in this collection.. But I love the shimmers (used with fingers mostly) & the Glitter Sheers formula is new - its a very sheer, almost transparent base packed with glitters, perfect to add shimmer on top of other shades. I love the face products as well, Highlighters are best used lightly with your fingertips & blushes works well with a brush (I like a duo-fibre). Their liquid lipsticks are hit & miss I find, some are amazing, flawless & long-lasting, some are super drying & crumble off..

This collection would make great Christmas stocking stuffers for any Hello Kitty or Colourpop lover!
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LucyLoves! xx


  1. Super cute ^-^ love your swatches! I have been trying to get my hands on the School Is Fun highlighter but it's always sold out ~


    1. Thank you! And check the site again, they recently restocked the Hello Kitty range & I believe "School Is Fun" is available! ;) x