Thursday, 11 May 2017

Wet n Wild Brush Review

Affordable & Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes!

Wow guys, it has been forever since I've written a blog review & I've missed it SO much. What better way to start back up than with a Brush review? And cute, affordable ones at that!
Wet n Wild is a super affordable, drugstore brand with amazing quality products at a good price. Some of you may of heard of their popular highlighters circling social media a few months back, that's just one of the great products they have to offer.
Today I'm reviewing their two-toned, cruelty free makeup brushes! Soft & amazing for the price. These babies are so hard to find & I think they still sell out quickly so check out for the entire collection, that's where I ordered mine & they're always in stock!

I've used each brush a few times to see how well they work with different products & washed them to see how sturdy they are. They're super soft on the skin, blend products well & they don't shed hair! Some of them are a little sparse & don't have enough hairs to apply certain products efficiently, like the flat top foundation brush sort of soaks up more product then it blends on the face.. And the eye crease brush picks up very little product & takes a lot of building up for colour pay off.

I love the design, the quality white handles & aluminium ferrules, pink/white ombre bristles & the placement for your thumb on the handle is a nice touch.

Face Brushes

Powder Brush - $2.99USD
This is a nice, dense powder brush but not too dense where it will affect any product already on the face. It softly blends powder products for a smooth finish but because it's not as dense as other powder brushes, you won't get as much of the extra coverage from powder foundations.

Blush Brush - $2.99USD
This is the perfect brush for picking up a little more blush than say a duo-fibre brush. You will get more colour pay off from your blushes with this brush but it's soft enough to prevent clown cheeks!

Contour Brush - $1.50USD
This brush has the same density of bristles as the blush brush, but is an angled brush with shorter bristles picking up a little more product but blending out softly & not too intense creating a carved contoured cheek. I've been loving this brush with my NYX Highlight & Contour pro palette!

Large Stipple Brush - $2.99USD
Perfect for applying those super pigmented blushes! The duo-fibre bristles pick up just enough product & blend out effortlessly on the cheek creating a smooth, natural flush. You can see the shorter pink hairs & the longer white hairs at the top. I personally prefer these brushes for applying blushes & this one is my new fave! Wet N Wild also have a small stipple brush available, I'm not sure how much smaller but would probably be perfect for applying highlight or contour. 

Flat Top Brush - $2.99USD
This brush is designed for applying & buffing in foundation. I personally think it's not dense enough to create a even, full coverage with foundation, it soaks up too much product & doesn't really buff or move the product & you need to basically drown your skin & the brush in foundation to stop it soaking up & wasting product -.-

Fan Brush - $2.99USD
Used for applying highlight to the high points of your cheeks & brows, but this brush is too stiff & plastic feeling to apply a smooth layer of highlight.. I think it needs to be a little bigger maybe?

Eye Brushes

Crease Brush - $1.50USD
Like I said above, it's quite sparse & doesn't pick a lot of product up. But I guess that could be a good thing when it comes to slowly building colour & transition shades. I don't reach for this brush very often..

Large Eyeshadow Brush - $1.50USD
I like this brush for applying base shadows to the lid or blending & defining the crease more. The length of bristles & density is perfect for picking up more product & keeping the depth of a shadow. It's also good to use with cream base products.

Small Eyeshadow Brush - $1.50USD
This a good flat shader brush for applying eye colours to the lids, like Colourpop super shock shadows. But the bristles are quite short, making it a little stiff feeling with not a lot of movement so I often use this brush for sharpening eyeliner or defining brows with concealer.

Smokey Liner Brush - $1.50USD
Short, dense bristles perfect for smoking out liners or shadows into the lashline. I also like to use this one with concealer for eyeliner or brows but I find the end isn't as tapered as the small eye brush so it doesn't create a super defined line.. Much better for it's intended use

Angled Liner Brush - $1.50USD
This brush is quite dense for a liner brush & like the one above, the bristle tips won't create that sharp line we all want with our liner, so I use this for filling my brows instead :)

Bent Liner Brush - $1.50USD
Designed for applying eyeliner easily with the bent ferrule & pencil like tip. I used this with a few different liquid lipsticks I wanted to use as eyeliners & I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use! It's good for creative liner but using a black gel liner, it's harder to get a sharp line with. I guess because liquid lipsticks have a runnier consistency they're easier to apply & make the tip sharp, but gel liner have the thicker, gel consistency obviously..

I think these brushes are totally worth buying! They're unbelievably affordable & would be perfect for someone just starting to use makeup. The prices of them will vary depending on where you find them, I think the eye brushes are all $0.99 on WetnWild,com
I wouldn't recommend the Flat Top brush personally, but it's so cheap it's worth giving it a shot & seeing if it works for you! There are a few other brushes in this collection I haven't got like concealer brushes & the new kabuki, but I feel these all do what I want them to do without needing those. 

- Lucy Maria xx

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