Saturday, 26 August 2017

Boi-ing your way to complexion perfection with Benefit

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Benefit Cosmetics team to have a play with their new concealer in the range and check out the cute restyling of some old faves!

Some of you may remember Fake-up, Erase Paste or cult fave Boi-ing? These are the previous names of the newly repackaged concealers and now with a new formula, the Airbrush concealer, the entire range will fall under the name Boi-ing, in honour of their best seller. But don't be fooled by the cute pink packaging, these products do their job well! What ever the dilemma, Benefit's got you covered with 4 different formulas for complexion perfection - Brightening, Hydrating, Industrial Strength and the new Airbrush

All $38nzd, $34aud, $20usd each SHOP HERE

Brightening Concealer (Erase Paste)

4.4 grams
No.1 Light - No.2 Medium - No.3 Dark

Claims = Full Coverage, Ideal for dark circles, Brightening melon undertones, Creamy blendable formula and Radiant Finish

Opinion = I disagree with "full coverage", its more a medium coverage. It has a light peachy undertone to correct the purple/blue tones in dark circles, once it's blended out it looks natural and even. It has that radiant glowy finish to prevent cakey undereyes. I found using my fingertips was the best way to blend while still keeping the coverage. It does look a little dry once it's set but lasts all day without creasing. If I don't set it however, it will start to crease in my expression lines. I also use this as a eyelid primer to correct veins.

Industrial Strength (Boi-ing)

3.0 grams
No.1 Light - No.2 Medium - No.3 Dark

Claims = Full Coverage, Ideal for blemishes and heavy-duty dark circles, Creamy formula with a matte finish
Opinion = It is more a medium buildable coverage but be sure to only use a small amount, spot conceal. If you use too much it will need more blending which almost moves the product around and lifts it off the skin. Applying a small spot of this concealer on a blemish or 3-4 spots under the eyes and blending out with your fingertips or a beauty blender seems to give the best results. Also using any more product can cause it to crease and cake up. For blemishes, it's good to have a matte finish but still have a creamy consistency otherwise it could look dry and make pimples stand out.

Hydrating Concealer (Fake-up)

3.5 grams
No.1 Light - No.2 Medium - No.3 Dark

Claims = Sheer coverage, Hydrating, hides dark circles and visibly smooths lines, lightweight formula and natural finish

Opinion = This concealer has a layer of vitamin E and apple seed extract with a concealer center, perfect for hydrating the under eyes and keeping them fresh all day. I personally love this concealer and use to keep Fake-up in my bag for everyday touch ups. I use it under the eyes or over blemishes that are looking dry to hydrate skin and blend it out with my fingertips to boost the coverage. Because it is only sheer coverage, it doesn't fully cover blemishes or dark circles but would be perfect for someone who doesn't have dark under eyes but wants to look fresh all day!

Airbrush Concealer (NEW!)

5.0 grams
No.1 Light - No.2 Medium - No.3 Dark

Claims = Sheer - medium coverage, Waterproof, lasts 10 hours, airbrushed finish

Opinion = I'm loving this concealer so far, it's almost like a whipped texture with a lightweight, buildable coverage. This concealer does what it says and literally looks airbrushed on the skin blurring pores, fine lines and unevenness giving you a flawless finish. I personally like to apply this with a beauty blender, I just squish the sponge in the concealer pot and bounce on areas I want to look airbrushed, normally under my eyes and around my nose. You can build up the coverage using your fingertips. I didn't have a problem with it caking up or creasing either.

I'm very impressed with these concealers, especially the new Airbrush concealer! Of course I think they need to extend the colour options with a lighter and a deeper shade, because these being the lightest I can tell they will still be too dark for fairer people. The price of these is a little steep in my opinion, $38nzd is a lot of money for one concealer, but if you find one that works for you, it's totally worth it! The Airbrush concealer seems to be the best value for your money with 5.0g of product. It all depends on what you want to cover whether it's dark circles, uneven skin tone or blemishes, surely one of these will work wonders for you! And remember that these are not a liquid cream but solid cream concealers to ensure coverage, use small amounts because using too much will pretty much guarantee caking and creasing. 

Available at Sephora online, Benefit Cosmetics counters and Smith & Caugheys

- Lucy Maria xx

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